BRO ATHLETES: Chris Hipgrave Wins Powell River Regatta

first_imgThe next day we hoped on our bikes to explore the Wilderness Road which was originally built by Daniel Boone in 1775 to connect the interior of the country with the populated coastline via the Cumberland Gap. The road exits the Park and travels east on a gently rolling trail traveling past fields of bison, other cattle and open pasture, but all the time the presence of the tall Cumberland Mountain looms over your left shoulder. We ended up at the reconstructed Martin’s Station which was a frontier fort of critical importance. Following a very educational visit thru Martin’s Station we continued on to the Wilderness Road’s terminus just beyond Caylor before the inevitable race back to the vehicle broke out.I’ve already committed to returning to the incredible Powell River Regatta and the beautiful Cumberland Gap National Historic Park next year—if not sooner—after such a fun filed weekend of adventuring. Following an invitation to participate in the inaugural Powell River Regatta in Tazewell, Tennesse, my wife and I decided to make a weekend out of it and explore the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park—an area new to both of us.The Powell River Regatta turned out to be a gem of a race. Turning into the race venue at the Well Being Conference Center in Claiborne County, you pass deep green pastures peppered with boulders, herds of curious cattle, and aging log barns barely standing.The conference center itself was a well manicured facility almost completely surrounded by the Powell River. I hosted a forward stroke clinic for the race participants through the NOC Paddling School and the Well Being Conference Center the evening before hand, giving us all a chance to get a feel for the river and the challenges it could hold.The race would be 12 miles down the Powell River and would include numerous rapids in a spectacular setting. The Powell is hugely important as it’s one of only two undammed and free flowing headwater basins of the Upper Tennessee River system. It was also designated by the EPA as the “second most biologically diverse aquatic system in the nation.”The race itself was incredibly well run, and the river never disappointed. The whitewater was just challenging enough for those of us that decided to race composite boats, while the scenery and water clarity kept your visual senses on overload.The 1 hour 27 minutes of racing seemed to be over before I knew it, and my performance was good enough to secure the overall win with my wife taking the same honors in the women’s race. By the end of the day, the Powell River Regatta had become my new favorite race because it ticked all the right boxes in terms of venue, organization, competition, and community. I am confident that Claiborne County is onto a winning combination that will result in this event becoming massively popular in the future.After refueling at Angelo’s in the Gap and getting caffeinated at the Gap Creek Coffeehouse in historic downtown Cumberland Gap, it was time to start exploring Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. This park is of National significance as it was one of the few natural breaks in the Appalachian chain used by wildlife, the native Cherokee indians, and then the settlers as they started migrating West. The towering broken limestone bluffs around the Gap makes the area feel more like the Colorado Rockies than the Appalachians.martinstationlast_img read more

The future of credit union IT security and compliance program management? It’s in the cloud…

first_imgIn recent years, organizations of all types, most notably within financial institutions, have started to transition from a reactive, scenario-based form of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management to specialized, regulation-based approaches which create holistic and realistic views of the overall IT environment. The antiquated, reactive approach to IT GRC management has proven to be unsustainable in its focus on the “here and now” instead of developing an ongoing picture of a credit union’s information security and compliance program status. In parallel, market researchers have noticed a growing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS), or cloud-based, platforms in IT GRC management. These platforms replace decentralized methodologies so that organizations can stay ahead of potential problems using a more focused and agile approach that fully integrates with previously established systems and workflows.Regulatory compliance and overall risk management are two universal focuses of all credit unions; yet not all credit unions have wholly integrated compliance and risk management initiatives into their established information security, or IT GRC, programs. Compliance does not imply reduced risk nor does risk management ensure compliance to regulations, so historically, the two have been considered separate challenges for credit unions to overcome. A strategic approach considers both factors as part of the credit union’s universal information security posture and allows the institution to identify and maximize its assets.Risk and Compliance Silos are Destined to FailIn a traditionally reaction-based information security management program, compliance with regulating bodies cannot easily be viewed in the context of day-to-day security practices. Often, especially in small to medium-sized credit unions, compliance verification efforts are initiated when the organization must become compliant with certain regulations, perhaps after regulators have deemed the credit union not in compliance and issued fines. Unless a credit union can afford to perform ongoing internal audits or compliance analysis, maintaining compliance is not part of day-to-day operations.Similarly, a reaction-based approach to overall security management will result in a decentralized compilation of documentation and scenario-specific risk management exercises to plan for various theoretical disasters. Practices and procedures are executed to mitigate hypothetical threats and, depending upon the size or structure of the organization, solutions vary from situation to situation. Moreover, compliance with regulating bodies may not be intentionally considered during the development of these operations.A Unified Approach for Sustainable Program ManagementAnalyzing information security risk and compliance management simultaneously will allow your credit union to build an information security program that is sustainable, consistent, efficient and agile. Encompassing information security and compliance management requires stakeholders and decision-makers across the institution (from the highest levels of executive management and risk managers to IT operations, internal auditors and compliance officers) to leverage a single set of data across their unique initiatives. The data collected from this approach can range from policies describing the institution’s overall security posture, to detailed vulnerability information or specific compliance citation attestation, tracking and reporting.When so many organizations have become accustomed to retaining disjointed documentation and scenario-specific protocols to address company-wide IT GRC challenges, how can a major program reform such as this be accomplished?”Cue, “The Cloud”Cloud-based IT GRC platforms offer dynamic management solutions for credit unions of all sizes because, by design, they must be customized and individualized to meet the needs of a variety of IT environments. The benefits of cloud-based IT GRC systems become evident soon after deployment.Cloud-based applications are designed to quickly and easily build information security programs via a shared workspace which multiple users may authenticate to and work within collaboratively. Since most users simply need access to the web to begin working in a cloud environment, these platforms can be integrated into a credit union’s existing IT environment with little to no change in the company’s infrastructure. The collaborative nature of cloud-based workflow makes way for comprehensive IT GRC programs within credit unions of all sizes because employees become equipped to contribute to the centralized, company-wide application.These emerging platforms inevitably eliminate redundancy or gaps in workflow, replacing decentralized security-program-related efforts. Although credit unions may develop infinitely different IT GRC management plans based on unique needs, well-maintained cloud-based solutions provide the medium for automation of information and fastidious tracking of both day-to-day and grand-scale operations so that accurate and up-to-date data is available for those who need it, from auditors, regulators, or internal management. By delegating the responsibility of IT GRC program development, maintenance, and management within a centralized user interface from which all employees may contribute, maintaining the program becomes integral to day-to-day operations.The result of this implementation is increased awareness of the credit union’s IT GRC plans and procedures and a secure credit union from the inside, out. Cloud-based IT GRC software is fast becoming the future platform of credit union IT security management because, ultimately, secure and agile IT environments liberate credit unions to more intelligently focus company resources towards improving member services and satisfaction. 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Madeline Domma Madeline Domma is a Product Specialist at TraceSecurity, a company which took feedback from credit unions and small businesses to build a cloud-based information security program service specifically for this … Web: Detailslast_img read more

You’ll never get rich from a job

first_img 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Heather Anderson Heather Anderson covers consumer financial news for, offering readers tips on budgeting, setting and achieving financial goals, and developing a healthy relationship with money. She is co-founder of … Web: Details Jobs provide a sense of security. You can plan a budget around a paycheck, employer-paid health insurance provides a medical safety net, and a 401K helps secure your retirement.But if you dream of becoming rich, and really living the American dream, your job isn’t going to get this job done.That’s because when you work at a job, you’re trading time for money. You work an hour, and you get paid for that hour. The problem is, it doesn’t matter if you earn $15 an hour or $150 an hour, there are only so many hours in a day. That limits how much money you can make. Fortune 500 CEOs who earn millions of dollars a year get rich, sure, but they’re the exception. The vast majority of Americans can only dream of achieving a middle class lifestyle at best by working a job. It’s not some vast conspiracy at work. Companies have a financial obligation to their bottom line and their investors to pay employees the lowest possible salary the market will allow. That’s Business 101.So how do you get rich? By creating a side gig in your spare time that can earn revenue without requiring you to work hours for dollars.Technology has enabled people all over the world to launch online, automated businesses that sell content – ebooks, online courses and instructional videos – that earn them money without requiring eight hours or more every day for the rest of their lives. Make no mistake, these businesses require plenty of work up front and a willingness to learn new skills. However, with a modest investment, the right strategy and a can’t-lose entrepreneurial mindset, anyone can create and execute a successful online business.Think you have nothing to offer? Think again. Self-made millionaire Jeff Rose, best known for his blogs and and his best selling book, Solder of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money, got his start when he posted a YouTube video showing step-by-step instructions on how he taught his 5-year-old daughter how to tie her shoes. Rose didn’t invent a new way to teach kids; he simply researched shoe-tying methods online until he found one that seemed simple enough his daughter could learn it.To date, that video has been shared nearly one million times. It was a lightbulb moment for Rose, and the rest is history.The key to building a successful online business is finding your niche. The internet and social media are overcrowded with life coaches that offer the same, general service. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, find something specific you can do well – like teaching your kid to tie her shoes – and build from there. If you’re a teacher, maybe you’ve discovered a sure-fire method to teach basic algebra or how to write an essay. If you’re a fireman, you probably know exactly what families need to keep on hand to escape from a house fire or survive a natural disaster. Police officers are needed to create materials to teach people how to survive a live shooter situation. The possibilities are endless!Ask your friends: What do I do better than anyone else that I could teach them? The answer may surprise you, but it could be the one big thing that makes you rich.last_img read more

Open Bionics x Konami Venom Hero bionic arm is designed for below-elbow amputees » Gadget Flow

first_img– Advertisement – The Open Bionics x Konami Venom Hero bionic arm provides mobility for below-elbow amputees, and thus, can change people’s lives. It’s compatible with adults and children with upper limb amputees, and even eight-year-olds can wear it. The bionic arm’s design is based on Venom Snake—the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The character wears an iconic red and black version. Although the fictional character’s arm comes with weapons attached, the Hero Arm doesn’t. And if you’d prefer to experiment with different designs, you can. Open Bionic uses 3D printing and scanning to custom-manufacture each Hero Arm. This feature allows you to accessorize it with magnetic clip-on covers. Overall, it’s a life-changing wearable to provide lower-arm movement.last_img read more

State needs to go all in on ethics reform

first_imgYou know how when you have so much on your plate, you’re paralyzed into procrastination and inaction? The outcome of all this is like that.Well, here’s a simple solution to the vexing problem of which solution to enact. One solution is to take the uncertainty and confusion out of what ethics reforms to support and what not to. One simple way to ensure that every loophole is plugged and every opportunity for nefarious characters to steal money and give favors at the public’s expense is taken away.Do them all.All those ethics reforms mentioned above?Do. Them. All.No more wringing of the hands over which solution is best. New York state corruption and unethical conduct is so expansive and unpredictable that it needs every single reform it can get its hands on. It needs one comprehensive package of reforms that covers every conceivable scandal and opportunity for malfeasance.Give the watchdog agencies all the power and teeth they need. Expand FOIL and expose government contracts and economic development projects to full public scrutiny. Limit outside income for legislators. (Maybe give them their pay raise as an incentive.) Close the LLC loophole. Limit government access of lobbyists. Impose term limits on leadership positions in the Legislature. The works. Take all the proposals and cover every possible scenario.If you don’t support this one comprehensive reform package, then you don’t really support ethics reform in New York state government. And therefore, you support the continuing pattern of corruption that plagues state government, gives power to individuals who are highly connected at the expense of those who aren’t, and promotes further mistrust among the citizens.To get the public’s attention and give the politicians something to put in their campaign literature, we’ll call this omnibus anti-corruption bill something catchy like “The Big Sweep” or “The Clean House Bill” or some other household-cleanliness-related metaphor.No more arguing over individual solutions that never go anywhere.Do them all and just get it done.The public will thank you. And you won’t have to waste time again coming up with a new rescue plan each time somebody else in state government goes up the river.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Categories: Editorial, OpinionAfter each corruption trial involving someone in New York state government, the politicians hem and haw over the best ways to end this particular bit of wrong-doing. For one trial, the response might highlight the need for an overhaul of our campaign finance system. Another might spotlight the specific need for LLC reform, which would limit the ability of campaign contributors to sidestep regular campaign contribution limits to funnel large contributions through limited liability corporations.When lawmakers use their law firms and businesses to funnel business to friends, business associates and family members, the politicians propose limiting outside income for legislators.When powerful lawmakers like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and former Senate Majority Leaders Dean Skelos and Joe Bruno get convicted of using their powerful offices to enhance themselves and those close to them, the politicians blame it on longevity. So they propose term limits on leadership positions or on legislative terms of office to prevent individuals from becoming too powerful.When state lawmakers hide pet projects in the state budget without providing a line-item listing, the voices call for expansion of the state’s Freedom of Information Law.When someone is able to dodge existing ethics rules for long periods of time undetected, like the recently convicted Joseph Percoco in a bribery scheme, they propose putting more teeth into government watchdog organizations like Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) to ferret out the really sneaky folks.Or they propose a combination of one or more solutions, whichever fits the crime du jour.Then after throwing out the various proposals, they do what they always do. They declare that the ethics problem in question is either isolated to one individual or is too broad to cover all the potential violations. So they do nothing at all. That’s Albany at work.Let’s take Percoco as an example of how all this goes down.Percoco was a longtime trusted ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo who was convicted Tuesday of two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of solicitation of bribes or gratuities for helping his corporate interests get special attention from the Cuomo administration. In return for using his access and influence, Percoco received more than $300,000 in bribe money, prosecutors alleged.Albany’s reaction was predictable.After sleeping on his response, the governor preposterously claimed Wednesday he didn’t know exactly what Percoco was up to while hanging out in the governor’s office all those years. He said he thought Percoco was doing “transition work” related to the governor’s re-election campaign and called Percoco’s illegal actions “an aberration.” In other words, it’s not a problem with the system; it’s a problem with this one guy. Now that he’s been ferreted out, the problem has gone away.Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie had a similar reaction, saying a broad brush shouldn’t be applied to all government officials and that the fact that Percoco was convicted of violating a law was an indication that a legislative solution wouldn’t have prevented this ethical lapse.Cuomo’s political opponents see all this corruption as a reflection of Cuomo’s personal lack of ethics and control over his administration.And good-government groups see this conviction, along with all the elements of corruption and unethical conduct that were exposed during Percoco’s trial, as further evidence of a more pervasive problem that needs a broad menu of reforms.last_img read more

Ultimate family entertainer proves the perfect party place

first_img9 Carissa St, Sinnamon Park.Minh Dinh is selling his home after almost three years.Mr Dinh has bought a property a Chapel Hill, which is closer to he and his wife’s work at the University of Queensland and their daughter’s school at Indooroopilly.Their double-storey home at 9 Carissa St, Sinnamon Park has been the ultimate family entertainer. 9 Carissa St, Sinnamon ParkMr Dinh said the house was ready to move into when he first bought it and has not had to do much to it. “We put solar panels on top of the roof, and put in rainwater tanks,” he said.A solid timber kitchen and separate dining and living areas give this home a modern touch. There is a second bathroom and all of the colonial fittings and fixtures give it the feel of a bygone era, right down to the fretwork over the doors. 9 Carissa St, Sinnamon ParkMr Dinh said they had many barbecues at the home over the years, and birthday parties for their children.“Since we moved in, we had another baby girl,” he said. “The space in the home has been great.”Mr Dinh said the one thing he loved about the home was the high ceilings.More from newsDigital inspection tool proves a property boon for REA website3 Apr 2020The Camira homestead where kids roamed free28 May 2019“When it’s summer time, it’s refreshing to open the windows. The veranda is in a u-shape and the breeze just goes in and out,” he said. 9 Carissa St, Sinnamon ParkMr Dinh said it would be nice to see another family like his move in.“Young parents with young children would be great, even people who would appreciate the condition of this house,” he said. 9 Carissa St, Sinnamon ParkHe said the home was close to Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre, the city and had easy access to the freeway.Dean Property Team selling agent Robert Dean said the home would suit a small family or couple looking to get into the real estate market.last_img read more

UK, EU pension-tracker incompatibility would be ‘short-sighted’

first_imgIt would be short-sighted for any UK pension tracking service not to work in conjunction with the proposed European tracking service (ETS) unveiled last week, according to the UK’s People’s Pension.Nick Gannon, pensions management consultant at People’s Pension parent company B&CE, noted that the costs of tracking members if a system were not put in place would be significant.Speaking at the launch event for the TTYPE project – short for Track and Trace your Pension in Europe – Gannon said it would also be important that tracing services eventually established could step in to provide information to members that schemes currently had to send out, offering potential administrative savings.“It would be short-sighted for any national tracing service that is developed now not to have some kind of interface capability with a European tracing service,” he said at the launch. Gannon’s comments came the same day as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority said it would push ahead with the creation of a Pensions Dashboard, which it said in December would be based on the Dutch website added that, without such an ability to trace workers who had accrued a pot in the UK, only to return home or move to a third country, pension schemes would be left with the cost of tracking down each member come retirement. “There is a deferred cost aspect there,” Gannon said.People’s Pension parent company B&CE is a provider of benefits to the construction industry, a sector with a highly mobile and transient workforce.Gannon joked that, until a better UK member came along, B&CE was likely the consortium’s UK representative.However, it is understood that the organisation has not yet given a formal commitment to the project.It joins existing consortium members PKA, PGGM, APG and Mn.Germany’s SOKA Bau, the pension provider for the construction industry, cited the mobile nature of its workforce as one of the reasons it would also support the second phase of TTYPE to develop a detailed business model for the ETS.Peter Gramke, head of internal audit at the €4.2bn supplementary scheme, said SOKA would be able to provide a basis for testing the proposed ETS and offer up its expertise in dealing with the “very fragmented” German pensions market, which covers several different funded vehicles, book reserves and private savings options.“The project team would be able to judge quite early if the ideas and the methods and solutions will prove successful in the end, or what steps have to be taken to make it successful in the end,” he said.last_img read more

Rodgers: Suarez champing at the bit

first_imgLiverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claims Luis Suarez is “champing at the bit” ahead of his return from a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in April. Press Association Suarez is set to be thrust into action in Wednesday’s Capital One Cup tie against Manchester United at Old Trafford. While he has played a handful of internationals and some behind-closed-doors friendlies at the club’s Melwood training ground, his last regular competitive football came to an end on April 21. But Rodgers has no doubts over the player’s readiness to return. “How he has prepared himself over the last number of weeks has been fantastic,” said the Reds boss, who will decide in the next 24 hours whether Suarez starts at Old Trafford. “He’s really champing at the bit to help the team. “Everyone knows the depth of his quality and his attitude. “He is non-stop and he has commitment and I am sure once he gets back on the field again he will show what he has shown since he’s been here, which is top quality. “He played a behind-closed-doors game against Burnley and we had a lot of our younger players in that because some of the older ones had played a reserve game the night before. “I know a lot of players who would’ve decided to come and train that morning but he loves the game and he lives for the game and he put everything into that. “It is what we expect because that is the type of character he is.” Suarez has bridges to build not only with the wider football community but within his own club’s fanbase after trying to manufacture a move away in the summer. The club turned down a £40,000,001 bid from Arsenal and principal owner John Henry categorically stated the player would not be sold. But despite criticising Rodgers in a newspaper interview, claiming he and the club reneged on a deal to allow him to leave for a Champions League club, the Reds boss does not feel the striker has a debt to repay to Liverpool and their fans. “This club has given every single player here everything in the time I’ve been here and none more so than Luis,” said the Northern Irishman, also referencing the backing he received after being banned for seven matches after being found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra the season before last. “He will show that and demonstrate that in his performances and that is what the players and people want to see. “They want to see him with a red shirt on fighting for the club. “The great thing about this football club is no matter what a player has done – or supposedly said – the supporters are 150 per cent behind every player that pulls on that shirt and they back them to the hilt. “I am sure that is something we will see and aligned to that will be his commitment, and that will be nothing more than I would expect. “I have no doubt, having been out, he will be even hungrier but his commitment and fight for the cause will still be the same.” Rodgers says Suarez has suffered from not playing football during his ban but does not expect that to have dulled the striker’s fighting spirit. The Reds boss is confident the 26-year-old is ready both physically and mentally to be thrust back into action. However, he is less sure about whether the player has learned from the sanction imposed for biting Ivanovic. Rodgers would not confirm whether the Uruguay international had been helped by the club’s in-house psychologist Dr Steve Peters in the wake of his misdemeanour, but hinted it had been part of a wide-ranging rehabilitation programme. Suarez, of course, has previous for biting having been banned for seven matches for sinking his teeth into PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax in November 2010, immediately prior to his move to Anfield. “I am not going into too much detail on him but he has had support in every way,” said Rodgers. “It is not just technical and tactical development here, we look at physical elements and how we can improve psychological state. He has worked tirelessly on every aspect. “He’s had a long time to reflect on what has happened but now all that is in the past, the ban is finished and he has suffered because he hasn’t been playing. “Now he is available and we are all delighted he is ready to go again.” But asked whether Suarez had learned his lesson after a second lengthy ban for biting, Rodgers could only say: “We will see, we will see.” last_img read more

Body of two-year-old found during search for missing child

first_imgAuthorities in Montana are reporting that they may have found the body of a 2-year-old boy who was reported missing after his parents were found dead of an apparent murder-suicide on Wednesday.The body of a child believed to be Aiden Salcido was located Sunday in a remote area of Montana where his parents Daniel Salcido and Hannah Janiak were found days earlier.“Positive identification has not been made, however the decedent was located in the same area that Hannah Janiak and Daniel Salcido were seen by several witnesses days earlier,” the news release said.According to police, the couple had been convicted on burglary charges in 2018 and Janiak was expected to start serving her sentence on June 11th but when she did not show up, authorities issued felony warrants for the couple’s arrest.Officials reported that with the help of witness reports, they were able to locate the couple who was homeless and would camp along a greenway in Medford. Authorities conducted a trafficstop, however, the couple fled the scene.  Authorities perused the couple but when they finally caught up with them, the couple was dead in an apparent murder-suicide.Investigators than began searching for the couple’s two-year-old son who was pictured with the couple when they made a purchase at Walmart for two camping gear items on June 2nd.Authorities also found a Walmart receipt for the day of the couple’s death. Surveillance showed that the two-year-old was not with the couple at that time.An autopsy has been scheduled to identify the child’s body and time of death.last_img read more

Cricket News Kapil Dev, head of three-member CAC, gives hint on India’s coach

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Kolkata: The legendary Kapil Dev, head of the three-member Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) that will appoint the next head coach agreed with his colleague Shantha Rangaswamy that skipper Virat Kohli’s opinion “needs to be respected”. The World Cup winning former skipper however assured that his panel will do their job to the best of their ability.Kohli during his pre-departure press conference didn’t hide that he would love to see current head coach Ravi Shastri get another term.”That’s his (Kohli) opinion we have to respect everybody’s opinion,” Kapil told reporters before receiving the ‘Bharat Gaurav’, East Bengal’s highest honour during their foundation day celebrations at the Netaji Indoor Stadium.Before leaving for the West Indies tour, the Indian skipper has already made it clear that they share a great camaraderie with incumbent coach Ravi Shastri as he backed him to continue till the 2021 Twenty20 World Cup.This time the CAC comprising Kapil, Anushuman Gaekwad and Shantha Rangaswamy will select the head coach with application deadline already ending on Tuesday. The incumbent Shastri gets an automatic entry in the selection process.Before the CAC meets to interview the applicants there are also reports that Shastri is set for an extension as all eyes would be on the Kapil Dev-led committee.”It’s not tough. You just do your job to the best of your ability,” he said.Despite a boycott campaign by a section of fans in the social media, India’s first World Cup winning captain kept his promise and received the honour from the club where he played an exhibition derby against Mohun Bagan.Kapil received the honour as East Bengal kick-started their centenary year celebrations with an array of programmes.”Tradition is everything. If tradition was not there we would not have been recognised as a Bengali, Punjabi, South Indian, Tamilian… So we have a tradition that’s why we are here,” Kapil said, flanked by present and former India football skippers Sunil Chhetri and Bhaichung Bhutia.”We respect Wimbledon because they have a tradition way of playing on grass. Don’t lose your tradition whichever side you come from. I am more fascinated with the fans than the team as they have been supporting the club for 100 years.”Kapil conceded that he was a diehard Diego Maradona fan and the greatest moment was none other than the hand of God.”When the ball was on his feet, he was the quickest among all the athletes. He could run faster than anybody else. That’s what I used to look up to him,” he concluded. last_img read more