Green Industry Updates

first_imgUniversity of GeorgiaBulldogs and Gators tend to tangle on the football field. But theuniversities of Georgia and Florida have been teaming up foryears to provide one-day updates for nursery, greenhouse andlandscape professionals.The 2004 Green Industry Updates will be Oct. 12 in Kingsland,Ga., Oct. 13 in Quincy, Fla., and Oct. 14 in Cairo, Ga.Participants will learn about new technologies, products andenvironmental issues while earning pesticide recertificationcredits.The Oct. 12 and 13 updates are mainly for landscape pros. Theyoffer such topics as troubleshooting tree problems, managingcitrus in urban settings, pest-resistant plants and seasonalcolor beds.The Oct. 14 session is mostly for nursery and greenhouseprofessionals. It will cover new weed control methods andproducts, nursery runoff management and pest-scouting techniques.Each all-day program combines classroom lectures with outdoor,hands-on activities. Georgia participants earn 3 hours ofpesticide recertification credit at the Kingsland program and 4hours at Quincy or Cairo. Fees are $40 for each or $45 after Oct.1.To learn more about any of the updates, call the UGA TiftonCampus Conference Center at (229) 386-3416. Or print off thecomplete agenda and register on-line at the TCCC Web site (

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