“Jovic’s problem is Jovic”

first_imgAfter the hard reproaches, Tumbakovic insisted that the Real Madrid striker is not banned from the national team: “The doors are open for each player, including Luka Jovic. I have been doing this job very professionally for almost three decades, I have never consciously compromised the career of any player, nor will I ever do so. I have led many players to the right path, why couldn’t I do the same with him? “Jovic is not going through his best sporting moment. Noted in Serbia by his coach, in Madrid he is not having the minutes he wanted after his signing last summer from the Eintracht in Frankfurt. The striker has 14 games (11 League, three Champions), but has only started four times. Accumulate only 423 minutes and take a goal. Luka Jovic is not having a quiet start to the year. To his disappointing season with Real Madrid, where he arrived last summer for 60 million euros and has only scored a goal in 423 minutes, he has joined a wave of criticism in his country for his extra-sports life and a public ear jerk of his coach, Ljubisa Tumbakovic. The distance between the two is a fact since the FIFA stop last September. Jovic was summoned with Serbia. In the first game, against Portugal, the coach left him on the bench and entered when there were only three minutes left. For the following game, against Luxembourg, the white striker alleged an injury and was released, but only four days later he played with Madrid against Levante (the final seven minutes). Tumbakovic did not like the Madridista’s attitude and in the last lists he has left him out.This Thursday, the coach gave his version of the case in Blic Sport and did not hide his anger. He pointed out. For Tumbakovic, Jovic’s problem is Jovic himself: “I take care of each player to get the most out of Serbia’s national team. And I have never given up on any. One of those who has moved away from the national team is Luka Jovic And the truth is only one. There is no conflict between Luka Jovic and me. Luka Jovic’s problem is Luka Jovic. Suddenly that player gave up training, he didn’t answer. As a coach, I will always have a player of that class because it would not be professional for me not to think about him. But it is he who has to convince us, the media, the fans, the people of the Federation and me as his coach, that he is prepared and responsible. He has not taken any steps in that regard. “last_img read more

Marcos López: “We surprised Andrés Iniesta with this story”

first_imgThe unexpected hero, Andrés Iniesta’s official documentary that will be released in Rakuten TV this spring, it has the seal in the construction of the story of the journalist Marcos López (El Periódico de Catalunya and Cadena SER). ACE Chat with him and discover some secrets.What will the first official Iniesta documentary include?This was an old idea that Andres had. When we wrote his biography with Ramón Besa The play of my life and he was spinning this. Then I played at Barça, I was a captain and everything was more complex. Now, after a process of almost a year and a half, it has been possible to do so. And, with all due respect, we couldn’t make a normal documentary. The character forces a lot, you always have the feeling that everything is told and it is not. The focus is on him, but at the same time in everything around him. His mother, who had hardly appeared in the media, goes out and tells very powerful things. The goal of Stamford Bridge is told this time by Peter Cech. From behind. We have surprised Andrés and we hope to surprise people.Define this job.It is the story of a boy from Fuentealbilla who makes a trip to Kobe (Japan), the story of a normal person who does extraordinary things … It is more a human story than that of a player. What margin of possibilities did he have to play in Barcelona or in the National Team and score the World Cup goal? That’s why the unexpected hero.How has Iniesta followed the creation process?He is very excited. It has been very, very pending. We did one thing and in ten seconds responded. Sometimes he has seen raw interviews, other edits … And with the director he has very good chemistry. I jokingly told the two that they were the two directors.Any red line? Will the depression you confessed be treated?Absolute freedom. We have done what we had thought. Depression is treated to the point that he, his wife, his parents, classmates like Xavi or Piqué or coaches like Guardiola speak it. Pep helped him a lot. The psychologist also appears for the first time. All this will surprise you by how he lives it, but also by how those around him live it when they begin to discover that Andrés is changing … It is one of the moments that I like the most because the hero’s cape is blurred.What testimonies or definitions stand out from the documentary?I like what his mother and his wife tell. In football, I stay with Cech, Xavi and Eto’o. Messi talks about the ease with which he plays football. And Messi says so. Luis Enrique called him Harry Potter in training. Buffon defines him as an illusionist. For me Iniesta is one of the chosen ones. There will be unpublished content too …Yes, especially when the signing with Vissel Kobe is forged, the meeting with Mikitani … And then there will be the time to remember Dani Jarque with the story of the shirt he prepares and nobody sees. Very powerful.Does the withdrawal appear?Well … There is an answer that suggests how hard it will be. It is preparing. He has been playing football since he was seven years old. It is his life.Will Iniesta come back to Barcelona to sit on the bench?He is now very integrated in Japan, very happy and enjoying football in another way. Now it’s about the pure game. In Barça you have a lot of pressure and being captain more responsibility. Returning as Xavi’s second was a joke he made. I don’t know if he will coach, but he says he wants to be. Sooner or later he will return. That talent and knowledge of the club must be taken advantage of. Where? I dont know. Anywhere.Did you enjoy the jump into the audiovisual world?Yes. Working with director Oriol Bosch and screenwriter Pep Bras has been fantastic. When you write you depend on yourself, but here are so many elements … I spent two days in the assembly and did not last two minutes (Laughs). And I’ve seen the documentary once and I don’t want to see it anymore. I always believe that something is missing or can be improved. You are making a documentary by Andrés Iniesta. It can’t fail. It has to be up to it.Iniesta from the human prism.The unexpected hero, original idea of ​​Sports & Life and produced by El Barrio Producciones (Jordi Évole and Ramón Lara), will tell Andrés Iniesta’s trip from Fuentealbilla to Kobe (Japan) and will show the human face of the player through the testimony of those who know him best. Rakuten TV will release this spring for free on its platform. In Japan the documentary will be available on Rakuten TV and Rakuten Sports. In the United States and Southeast Asia it can be seen in Rakuten Sports and Rakuten Viki. The global distribution will be carried out through different partners of the platform.Rakuten TV ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Poster of the documentary ‘Andrés Iniesta – The unexpected hero’Rakuten TVlast_img read more

Rubiales, accused of forging a document after a complaint by the Madrilenian

first_imgAs revealed ABC, Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Football Federation, and its Secretary General, Andreu Camps, have been accused by judge María Sandra Orero Bermejo, head of the Investigating Court number 10 of Madrid for alleged falsification of a public document in the process of statutory reform of the RFEF that sought to add 19 ex-members (handpicked) to the assembly.According to this information, the judge has requested the minutes of the December 16 meeting and the brief of allegations presented five days before to the CSD. The case began in June, when the inclusion of those 19 born members was approved in the RFEF assembly. Said approval was met with opposition from the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the CSD at first.Following the allegations, the CSD accepted a new proposal from the RFEF, which reduced the number of born members from 19 to just 5. After the Federation assembly on December 16, although it was not on the agenda or formally approved, Camps informed the CSD that the assembly had “agreed” to the inclusion of the born members. The Madrid Football Federation denounced the events. Rubiales and Camps defend that the inclusion of born members in the June assembly had already been approved. The denucnia assures that such conformity did not take place and provides the video of the December assembly.The RFEF, convinced that the complaint will be filedThe Royal Spanish Football Federation is convinced that the complaint filed by the president of the Madrid Federation, Paco Díez, has no legal path and will be dismissed. Given the aforementioned complaint, the Legal Services of the RFEF want to highlight: – That the General Assembly of the RFEF on June 10 approved, with the vote of the president of the RFFM – who initiates the complaint – the proposal to expand the natural members of that body by 19 people.– That the General Assembly of the RFEF on December 16, once the Higher Sports Council had reduced the new born members to 5, assumed that figure without the need for a new vote, since it was not new but was already implicit in the wording approved, by the vast majority, in the June session.– That the General Secretary of the Federation, Andreu Camps, after the December General Assembly, informs the CSD that the final wording for the reform of the statutes of the RFEF in this regard is precisely that expressed by the Superior Council itself Sports, which is the body that has the capacity to do so.– That the alleged documentary falsity that the complaint raises is not such since what the Secretary General certifies – and that apparently supports the complaint – is that in the session of December 16 the members of the Assembly were informed of the modifications that had been introduced to bring the agreements adopted in June into line with the authorization of the CSD.– That in any case, the RFEF finally renounced, at the beginning of the year, the expansion of the natural members of the Assembly before holding the elections, even in the number of 5 authorized by the CSD, so that it was never carried out effect. In fact, the Statutes of the RFEF in force today are still those of 2018.– That the fact of including in the complaint presented to the president of the RFEF, shows the intention of the complainant to harm the interests of the president, not coincidentally that the Federation is in the election year.The Legal Services of the RFEF reserve the subsequent legal actions that are deemed appropriate against the complainant, once the complaint is filedlast_img read more

Espanyol does keep its school open

first_imgSurely childhood still turns home on a makeshift soccer field, in which the table legs become goal posts imaginary, the furniture acts as rivals or teammates and the parents are that refereeing tandem that imparts justice depending on whether the throw is goal or crashes into a vase. The sequence repeats in many homes in this confinement, especially where young people share the passion for this sport.At Espanyol base football, one of the quarries that contributes the most footballers to Primera, are doing everything possible so that your players, of all ages, don’t “disconnect nor lose the link “, although” we think that the season may end “, as he comments Fran Navarro, coordinator of the parakeet quarry. “On Fridays we meet with the Optimization and Performance Department to create the microcycle of the next week. Then we transfer it to the trainers and they take care of do three sessions cwith players with a joint video call. It’s like they keep training, “he explains. The players first have a conditional (physical) work and another psychological to meet weekly, apart from the three sessions that the coach himself raises. “He usually performs dynamics in which the same goals that in a trainingor. For example, if you have to work the ball out, because the coach gives the boys some videos with different actions and they must correct what’s wrong and highlight what is good, “says Navarro. He also hup to 17 branch players have participated in talks with grassroots football.But Not only in the tactical aspects coaches abound but also in emotional. “I’ll give another example. Each player has what to define, and later definitions are read that each one has given and the companions have to know who it is. Players also use the Kahoot (application to make questionnaires) to answer questions about tactics, colleagues, general culture, football … And then they add points in a classification“Navarro says, stressing that for the smallest “we try to make these tasks adapt to your age. For example, we tell them to simulate one-on-one and draw it, and to look at the body position. “All the trainers they share their experiences on Thursday, by Friday reinforce those exercises that have gone well and discriminate what It has not been effective. This is part of the work the quarry continues to do. From Monday to Wednesday, it’s time to think about the future. The recruitment department review the videos that it has of the season, with the parties in the different categories and the rivals, to “make decisions2. The recruitment season and the planning of future staff has been interrupted by the measures adopted by the Covid-19.The Espanyol quarry tries adapt to circumstances , although this time the soccer field is the house itself.last_img read more