Nova Scotias Forests to Be Celebrated

first_img Mr. Bent and the Spicers were recognized earlier this year as outstanding woodland stewards who encourage sustainable woodland management and increase public awareness of the importance of private woodlands. Sept. 23, western region winner, David Bent, will host a field day on his property in Annapolis County Sept. 30, the provincial and central region award recipients, Peter and Pat Spicer of Spencers Island, will welcome visitors to their woodland in Cumberland County. September 24th to the 30th is National Forest Week and two award-winning, family-operated, Nova Scotia woodlots are holding public field days in September to help celebrate. “Our forests provide habitats for our diverse wildlife populations as well as recreational opportunities and economic benefits,” said Natural Resources Minister Margaret Miller. “Everyone is invited to celebrate our forests by sharing in the family fun of these woodlot field days.” Each of the field days will be hosted by a different 2017 Woodland Owner of the Year winner. They will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with award presentations beginning at about 12:30 p.m. Other details are:last_img read more

Tailored response in Alberta Ontario BC for South Asians addicted to opioids

first_imgVANCOUVER – A medical clinic in British Columbia and a social service agency in Alberta are set to expand their programs to meet the often-hidden and growing problem of South Asians battling addiction to opioids.The Roshni Clinic opened last spring in Surrey to provide services for South Asian clients addicted to alcohol and stimulants including amphetamine and cocaine. But more programs will be offered in the coming months to deal with the use of opioids such as heroin, oxycodone and Percocet, said Dr. Rupinder Brar, an addiction specialist who works at the facility.“Thirty per cent of the population in Surrey is Punjabi speaking,” she said.“There are physicians out there who’ve been there for a while providing services, and I’m sure these patients bring their friend or a doctor may have a translator but it would be nice to expand those services in a way that is culturally sensitive and provide therapy to the family as well.”However, she said immigrant patients urgently need treatment and counselling from health-care providers who speak Punjabi or Hindi, and that’s what Roshni — which means light — will offer them.Brar lauded the Alberta government for providing $560,000 in funding last December for Punjabi Community Health Services in Calgary and said she is hoping for increased resources from the B.C. government.Rimpy Hehar, a registered psychologist with the Alberta social services agency, said starting in March, provincial funding will be used to offer culturally tailored services including counselling and distribution of the overdose-reversing drug naloxone as well as referral to harm reduction services at supervised consumption sites.It’s difficult to know how many people in the South Asian community are struggling with opioid use disorder in the Calgary area, Hehar said.“We’re finding that there is an overwhelming number of people within the northeast region of Calgary who are using opioids,” she said, adding the area is home to a large South Asians population. “People may be less likely to seek help because of keeping issues of the family within the family house.”Providing support to family members who have shouldered the burden of a loved one’s opioid use until finances and relationships may have collapsed will be key, Hehar said.“What we find is that family structure, family support, those can play a huge role in recovery or even the way that addiction progresses within a family setting,” she said.In Ontario, naloxone distribution and counselling are already offered through Punjabi Community Health Services in Brampton and Mississauga, said CEO Baldev Mutta.He said 90 per cent of their clients struggling with opioid addiction are Punjabi Sikhs and services are also available in Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam, a language mostly spoken in the south of India.Families are offered counselling in every case at the organization, which last year had its annual budget doubled to $180,000 as the opioid epidemic spread, said Mutta, who is also a social worker.Opioid addiction is a big issue among men working in the trucking and taxi industries, he said.“They are city and long-haul truck drivers,” Mutta said. “All these youngsters who are between the ages of 21 to about 30, they are into the trucking industry and that’s where these drug dealers prey on them.”Drivers are often offered $5,000 to make a round trip between the Toronto and Vancouver areas in four days, he said.“They say, ‘All the truck drivers do it.’ And they hook them on a mixture of heroin and crystal meth. You just don’t fall asleep and then you crash after about four days and you don’t wake up for two days,” Mutta said.“They keep on driving long distances to make $5,000, only to realize that within six months they are spending more than $2,000 per month on their habit. So now you have not only a problem of taking heroin but in order to sustain your drug habit you become a drug dealer.”Many of the drivers are enticed to make money so they can get settled in Canada as new immigrants but often find themselves facing drug charges without any knowledge of the legal implications, he said, adding families often to end up financially ruined.“Painkillers are becoming rampant because they are relatively cheap,” he said of oxycodone as well as Tylenol 3s that are often mixed with a cola drink.Mutta said he regularly raises the issue of opioid abuse on Punjabi TV and radio programs, but said more community leaders must step up to create awareness about the crisis.“The silence is deafening in our community around it.”— Follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter.last_img read more

Prime Minister hears NS praise on environmental spending as protesters arrested

first_imgThe Canadian Press ANTIGONISH, N.S. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received praise and drew protests today for his government’s environmental policies as he met with one of the country’s two remaining Liberal premiers.Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil thanked Trudeau for providing “a good start” to the costs of cleaning up a lagoon near Pictou Landing First Nation where decades of contaminated pulp mill waste has accumulated. The gratitude came as the two prepared to hold talks at an Antigonish community centre and the day after Ottawa pledged to spend $100 million to help clean up one of Nova Scotia’s most polluted sites.The Boat Harbour lagoons near the Pictou Landing First Nation are contaminated with millions of litres of treated waste water from the nearby Northern Pulp kraft pulp mill.The federal money will be used to restore the lagoons to their natural state as a tidal estuary that empties into the Northumberland Strait.However, outside the meeting, a group of about a dozen protesters made clear that they’re dissatisfied with the Trudeau government’s measures to reduce carbon emissions — and its support of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project.Two members of the Extinction Rebellion direct action group were arrested for blocking traffic, saying as they were led away that carbon taxes introduced by the Trudeau government aren’t going far enough in efforts to reduce carbon emissions.As he was assisted into a police vehicle, Patrick Yancey said, “I’m being arrested for refusing to move out of the way here, because we’ve tried everything else and we need the politicians to listen and get the climate targets in line with 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming.”A report last year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, concluded that while it’s technically possible to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, it is highly unlikely.The report says achieving the goal of the Paris Agreement Canada signed onto would require a dramatic overhaul of the global economy, including a shift away from fossil fuels.Yancey’s wife, Moraig MacGillivray, 40, said it was the second time her husband has been arrested and she expected he’d be released before long.last_img read more

Study finds Canadians are still unhappy with airline service

first_imgThe Consumers Association of Canada say a lot of people are not happy with the service they receive from airlines.The numbers have not changed much since the federal government introduced a passenger bill of rights back in the spring, but the bill has yet to become law.President of the CAC Bruce Cran says he can’t understand why Ottawa won’t finalize Bill C-49 — pushing the matter into 2018.Cran says air travellers deserve to know what they are entitled too, if their flight is disrupted for whatever reason.“That should be all listed out in this passengers bill of rights but we have no evidence that we’re going to get anything that we want to see and they’re having another hearing on it at the moment,” said Cran.Other major concerns being raised by Canadian consumers are the fact that health and life insurance companies don’t really advertise that there is an ombudsman to help people with policy claims.last_img read more

France to Restrict Beef Palm Imports to Reduce Global Deforestation

By Shaquile GoffRabat- Five ministries within the French government came together to issue a joint statement Wednesday for a 17-point plan to stop importing products they believe have an extreme negative impact on global forests. France gave the examples of palm and soy products as environmentally-intensive products France will regulate, according to French outlet France24. Palm oil, grown in tropical forests, is used frequently in cooking and cosmetics, among other things. Read Also: MSC, Macoisiere Offer New Cruises from Morocco to BrazilIndonesia, the world’s largest supplier of palm oil, recently came under global criticism for the rapid destruction of forests which have pushed native orangutan populations to the brink of extinction. According to the French ministries’ joint statement, between 1990 and 2015, the world’s forest area fell by about 129 million hectares.The beef industry will also face stricter regulation in France. Similar to the palm and soy oil industry, the cattle business requires a large amount of deforestation to produce enough beef to meet the constantly rising global demand. Cattle are also responsible for a large portion of methane released into the atmosphere. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas, and its increase has been linked to global climate change.The French bill includes financial incentives to foreign countries for abiding by stricter environmental laws, a push for increased taxes on products that pose a risk to forests, and a “zero deforestation” label on consumer goods.France has also joined Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, and Norway to demand the European Commission develop a plan to address global deforestation by the end of 2018. read more

At UN meeting States accept measures for environmentally friendly shrimp farming

Some 50 countries attending a United Nations meeting on aquaculture have welcomed a series of non-binding international principles for responsible shrimp farming which offer guidance on how to reduce its environmental damage while boosting its ability to alleviate poverty.Shrimp farming is often criticized for its environmental impacts, said the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)), which organized the event, but millions of small-scale producers in the world’s poorest countries, who produce 99 per cent of the world’s farmed shrimp, depend on it for their livelihoods. Consumer demand in northern markets is at record highs, and shrimp exports from the developing world run to the tune of $8.7 billion a year, the agency said.An FAO meeting in New Delhi last week produced general consensus that the principles should be relied upon as a global point of reference for aquaculture policy and development.The principles touch on a number of environment-related issues, including the location of farms and their design, the use of resources like water and feed, as well as the social impacts of aquaculture on local communities.Drawn up in a five-year consultative process involving several partner organizations, including the Network for Aquaculture Centres for the Asia Pacific, WWF, the World Bank and the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), the new principles represent the first-ever attempt to provide an overarching international framework for improving the sustainability of the shrimp farming industry.“We hope that these new principles will help pave the way for a more common vision of how we should define responsible shrimp farming, globally,” said Rohana Subasinghe, a senior aquaculture expert at FAO and Secretary of the Sub-Committee.“They can also serve as a point of reference for governments, non-governmental organizations and private industry who are developing systems to certify farm-raised shrimp as eco-friendly or sustainable, or who are looking to harmonize systems that are already in place,” he added.Mr. Subasinghe said the challenge for the next decade is to develop specific recommendations for better management practices that will allow producer countries to apply the new principles in the field.“FAO will be giving a lot of attention to this in the coming years, with an eye to seeing management practices put into place around the world that are grounded in these principles and therefore all on the same page,” he said. read more

Results and feedback now in from faculty and staff survey

People feel pretty good about working at Brock University, judging by the initial round of a new employee survey.In fact, last spring’s opening round of a new employee engagement survey found that 89 per cent of respondents said they’re proud to tell people that they’re associated with Brock University. Overall, an average of 82 per cent of respondents indicated a favourable work experience, as demonstrated by the chart at the end of this story.Results from the first survey were reviewed with University leadership earlier this month, and the Brock community can expect to hear more details in the coming weeks as the results are communicated more broadly to staff and faculty.The engagement survey will be done twice a year, each one going to about half of Brock’s employees, involving a different mix of people each time. Full-time staff are being invited this year, with contract employees to be added in future surveys. Brock leadership wants the practice to help define a new era of dialogue, in which the Brock community gets regular opportunities to provide candid feedback.Brock’s Human Resources and Institutional Analysis departments are currently preparing a fresh round of surveys in October that will seek faculty and staff perceptions on issues like relationships with their boss, relationships with co-workers, whether they have the resources needed to do a good job and if they feel connected to the mission of the University.It was heartening to see the buy-in for the inaugural survey last spring, said Brian Hutchings, Vice-President of Administration. Nearly 800 questionnaires went out, and Hutchings says the 60-per-cent response rate was a strong return when compared to similar surveys at other North American workplaces.“Most positive responses came when people were asked about applying variety of skills and knowledge to doing their jobs,” said Hutchings. “They feel they are engaged in full, rich jobs that involve variety and problem-solving.”There was also a strong positive response to the survey statement, ‘I know what’s expected of me in my job.’“That’s good,” said Neil Culp, Director of Organizational Development and Effectiveness, “and it’s not necessarily a response that employers should presume is always out there.”However, Culp said the May results also revealed several topics with results significantly lower than most others, including:Providing staff with meaningful performance feedbackRecognition of employees who show initiativeOpportunities for formal development opportunitiesParticipation in decision-making“These are areas where we see most opportunities for improvement, and we are going to be working on it,” said Culp.He said that as more of these semi-annual surveys are done, the growing body of data will no doubt adjust some of these indicators, in either direction.“We’re doing this again in October with the other half of the organization, to complete a true organizational baseline. We need to keep growing the feedback so that we can better understand employee perceptions. We need to keep hearing from people.”Once the October survey results are in, there is a commitment to develop action plans designed to improve employee engagement across the university.Brock President Gervan Fearon expressed the University’s gratitude to staff and faculty who embraced the employee surveys and shared their views.“This tells the world that people at Brock care and we’re putting people first,” he said. “This is extremely important feedback for the University as a community. Organizations are stronger and better when they listen and engage faculty and staff as well as provide opportunity for their input into the decision-making process.“The active involvement of faculty and staff and the feedback provided through the survey will help to build an outstanding university community and excellent workplace for us all,” said Fearon.The questions that were asked:1. My supervisor takes an interest in, and actively supports my work.2. I generally like and get along with the people I regularly work with.3. My coworkers and I find it easy to cooperate in order to get our work done.4. The team I am a part of is committed to high quality work.5. I know what is expected of me in my job.6. I have the resources I need to do my job effectively.7. Good work is acknowledged and/or recognized by my supervisor.8. Over the past year, I have had formal opportunities to learn and grow.9. My supervisor provides me with regular feedback to help me improve my performance.10. I understand how my work supports the overall success of Brock University.11. I regularly apply a variety of skills and knowledge in order to complete my work.12. My team and I are encouraged to share ideas and participate in decision making on issues that will affect our work.13. My team and I are encouraged to share ideas and participate in decision making on issues that will affect our environment.14. I am proud to tell people I work at Brock University.15. I would recommend Brock University to my friends and family. read more

Gallery OSU vs Oklahoma

The Ohio State Buckeyes and Oklahoma Sooners faced-off on Sept. 17 at at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. The Buckeyes won 45-24. OSU fans hold homemade signs during the Buckeyes’ game against Oklahoma on Sept. 17 at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. The Buckeyes won 45-24. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo Editor

Vegans strike deal with abattoir to give cows last rites before they

Vegan activists have struck a deal with an abattoir to allow them to stage ‘last rites’ ceremonies with incoming cows to tell them, “we love you, we are sorry”.Leicestershire Animal Save are hosting roadside monthly vigils once a month in Melton Mowbray in which they whisper phrases to cattle before they arrive at an abattoir run by Foyle Food Group.The activists, who have held 35 ceremonies since founding their group in 2015, also hold signs which say “your taste=their death”.Group founder Dina Aherne said the group has an understanding with the slaughterhouse bosses, who let them stop the trucks and trailers which transport the cows.The 38-year-old former solicitor from Leicester said: “We want to make the cows feel at ease every time because they are living and sacred beings. Leicestershire Animal Save gather around trucks filled with cattle, praying to the cows before they enter a Foyle Food Group processing plant in Melton Mowbray “We whisper phrases to them like ‘we’re sorry’, ‘we see you’ and ‘I love you’.Ms Aherne said she believed the peaceful protests are the best way to spread the message about veganism and animal welfare.She added: “Any social movements have different kinds of action and a lot of vegan groups resort to violence.”But we condone this and the best way is to peacefully spread the message.Foyle Food Group has nine sites across the UK where they slaughter and debone more than 7,500 cattle each week across its processing plants.The company were approached to comment. “Cows have a living soul and conscience. We really want to help comfort them.”We have to arrange and give two weeks notice for when we are going to be on site.”When we arrive usually at about 8am, we gather outside the slaughterhouse on days when the abattoir is operational for about three hours.”We then stop each of the trucks and are given two minutes to say the last goodbye’s before they go and get a bolt gun put through their head. Leicestershire Animal Save gather around trucks filled with cattle, praying to the cows before they enter a Foyle Food Group processing plant in Melton MowbrayCredit:Ash Sudra Photography/SWNS Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

PNC wants Ramjattan as PM candidate so yes men AFC will

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAFC awaiting NEC meeting to decide on Nagamootoo’s fate as PMJanuary 23, 2019In “latest news”Will Ramotar lead the PPP into the next elections? – PPP yet to decideJanuary 7, 2015In “Politics”No discussion yet on APNU’s Presidential Candidate – GrangerJanuary 9, 2015In “Politics” General Secretary of the PPP/C Dr Bharrat JagdeoLeader of the Opposition, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo is asserting that Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan will more than likely be selected as the Prime Ministerial (PM) candidate to contest the upcoming General and Regional Elections with the coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).Jagdeo made the disclosure at his weekly press briefing on Thursday stating that the selection was reportedly made based on recommendations from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).According to the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary AFC will once again confirm to its “Yes Man” status and give the PNC what they want.“AFC this weekend will select its Prime Ministerial candidate… I will not be surprised if Ramjattan emerges as the Prime Ministerial candidate…that’s what PNC wants” Jagdeo said further.Minister of Public Security, Khemraj RamjattanRamjattan at the press conference on Wednesday said that the matter is expected to come up this weekend at the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).“We’re not there at this stage in relation to that. All of that will have to be decided at national congress,” Ramjattan said when he was asked whether incumbent PM Moses Nagamootoo will return alongside David Granger as the Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC coalition at the upcoming polls.In accordance with the 2015 ‘deal’ in the form of a Cummingsburg Accord between the two parties, AFC will have the Prime Ministerial position while the Presidential post goes to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).On Monday, President Granger was endorsed by his party, the PNC/R, to run for a second term. In fact, the PNC/R – the larger partner in five-party APNU – officially threw its support behind its leader via a letter from General Secretary Amna Ally.Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday told reporters that the consensus among the five parties that makes up APNU is that Granger will return as the presidential candidate.AFC has already indicated a willingness to support Granger as the Presidential candidate. read more

Upbeat mood at DRC Mining Week – SRK

first_imgEngineers and scientists from SRK Consulting’s offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Africa were part of the DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi recently, sharing information on trends and opportunities in one of Africa’s most important mining hubs.Susa Maleba, SRK’s DRC country manager noted the upbeat mood at the event, driven by the global interest in cobalt and copper. As a member of the DRC Mining Week conference panel to discuss the impact of the mining code on skills development and local subcontracting in mining, Maleba highlighted the importance of specialised mining-related skills for the country’s development.“The DRC needs to update its curriculum at universities and also at schools,” he said, adding that more technical programs for unskilled workers, conducted in collaboration with mining companies, were also required. The current construction of cobalt processing facilities at some mines indicated future opportunities, while exploration projects were also picking up.There was definite interest in the DRC, especially with increased global demand for cobalt – despite some uncertainty about the effect of the country’s new mining code. The mining community appeared full of hope that mining in the area could grow significantly in the coming years, with interest not only from SADC countries, but also from Europe, the US, China and Australasia.SRK has been involved extensively in mining projects in the DRC over many years, focusing on mining engineering, geotechnical and environmental aspects among others; the company’s DRC office ensures close proximity to mines, while expertise can be drawn from many other disciplines in SRK’s worldwide network.The picture shows the SRK team at the DRC Mining Week (from left): Desire Tshibanda (SRK’s DRC office), Susa Maleba (DRC), Colin Wessels (SRK SA), Cèline Mukekwa (DRC), Joseph Mainama (SA), Mamie Mbayo (DRC), Jaya Omar (SA), Peter Shepherd (SA) and Wouter Jordaan (SA).last_img read more

NASAs OSIRISREx Gets Cozy With Asteroid Bennu in CloseUp Image

first_img NASA’s OSIRIS-REx is getting cozy with asteroid Bennu: The spacecraft just snapped another detailed image that highlights the space rock’s distinctive features and terrain.The image, which was captured on June 13 after OSIRIS-REx completed its second orbital insertion maneuver, shows half of asteroid Bennu’s surface with sunlight and the other half surrounded by a shadow, said a NASA OSIRIS-REx press release. It was taken from a distance of 0.4 miles above the space rock’s surface by NavCam 1, one of three navigation cameras that are part of OSIRIS-REx’s TAGCAMS (the Touch-and-Go Camera System) suite.This is the view from the closest orbit a spacecraft has ever made around a planetary body.This navigation image of asteroid Bennu was taken shortly after orbital insertion on June 13 from a distance of 0.4 miles (690 m).Image details:— NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (@OSIRISREx) June 17, 2019What’s interesting about the close-up image is that it points out a bizarre feature of the space rock, a “mole” that sticks out of its largest boulder, which is located at the bottom of the asteroid, TechCrunch noted. Thanks to the TAGCAMS, this “mole” and other details as tiny as 1.6 feet across, can be spotted on asteroid Bennu’s surface.BIG NEWS GUYS. We just broke our own record for the closest a spacecraft has ever orbited a small planetary body I’m now hanging out 2231 ft (680 m) above Bennu’s surface.— NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (@OSIRISREx) June 13, 2019Dubbed Orbital B, OSIRIS-REx’s second orbital phase broke the record for the most adjacent distance a spacecraft has orbited a body in the solar system. Currently, the spacecraft is traveling around in a bound, circular orbit 0.4 miles away from the space rock’s surface.More on Can Help NASA Find Landing Spots on Asteroid BennuAsteroid Bennu Is a Technicolor Wonder in Trippy 3D ViewNASA Reveals Big Surprises About Asteroid Bennu Stay on target Scientists Uncover New Evidence of Asteroid That Killed DinosaursWashington Monument-Sized Asteroid Will Fly By Earth on Aug. 28 last_img read more

Hepatitis A linked to frozen berries sickens 87

first_imgWASHINGTON — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an outbreak of hepatitis A linked to a frozen berry mix sold at Costco has grown to 87 people with illnesses in eight states.The CDC said Tuesday that illnesses have been reported in Arizona, California Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Washington.Townsend Farms of Fairview, Ore., last week recalled its frozen Organic Antioxidant Blend, packaged under the Townsend Farms label at Costco and under the Harris Teeter brand at those stores. So far the illnesses have only been linked to the berries sold at Costco.Craig Wilson, director of food safety at Costco, said the store is providing vaccinations for people who ate the berries within the last two weeks and is reimbursing others who have gotten the vaccine outside the store. The store has contacted about 240,000 people who purchased the berries at one of their stores, Wilson said. The company knows who bought the berries because purchases are linked to a membership card that customers present when they check out.The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the cause of the outbreak. The CDC said the strain of hepatitis is rarely seen in North or South America but is found in the North Africa and Middle East regions. Townsend Farms has said the frozen organic blend bag includes pomegranate seeds from Turkey.Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that can last from a few weeks to a several months. People often contract it when an infected food handler prepares food without appropriate hand hygiene. The CDC said that food already contaminated with the virus can also cause outbreaks, as is suspected in this case.last_img read more

Memorial set for police dog killed in shootout

first_imgPORTLAND — A public memorial is planned next month for Mick, a Portland police dog killed in a shootout that also wounded his handler.The shootout followed a burglary at a police equipment store and ensuing chase on April 16. Officer Jeff Dorn was shot in both legs; police say three men have been arrested and charged in the case.The memorial will be held the morning of May 12 at Hillsboro Stadium in Hillsboro. Members of the public are invited.last_img

Government cancels plans for secondary annuity market

first_imgThe government has cancelled its plans to create a secondary annuity market on the grounds that sufficient consumer protections could not be balanced with the development of a competitive market.After discussions with industry experts, financial regulators and consumer groups, government officials reached the conclusion that creating the conditions for a competitive market, with multiple buyers and sellers of annuities, could not be reconciled with sufficient consumer protections.The government confirmed that it would not be willing to allow the creation of a market that could lead to poor outcomes for consumers, such as receiving poor value for an annuity income stream or suffering higher costs.The government estimates that 5% of people who currently hold an annuity would have take advantage of the secondary annuity market.The concept of a market for secondary annuities was first raised by former Chancellor George Osborne in the March 2015 Budget and confirmed in the 2015 Autumn Statement. The market would have enabled individuals to sell on their existing annuity income stream.Simon Kirby, economic secretary to the Treasury, said: “Allowing consumers to sell on their annuity income was always dependent on balancing the creation of an effective market with making sure consumers are properly protected.“It has become clear that we cannot guarantee consumers will get good value for money in a market that is likely to be small and limited. Pursuing this policy in these circumstances would put consumers at risk; this is something I am not prepared to do.”Douglas Anderson, partner at Hymans Robertson, said: “This is good news for consumers. While some retirees may feel a sense of disappointment as they feel trapped in a product they didn’t want to buy, in reality, getting value for money from cashing in annuities would have been a tall order. With freedom to sell came the risk of making poor decisions. There simply would not have been enough protection in place for consumers come April.”last_img read more

210 Android apps were infected with adware researchers find

first_img Tags Post a comment Millions of devices downloaded Android apps infected with adware, researchers say. Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images More than 200 Android apps are packed with adware that could compromise your phone, researchers said Wednesday.Security researchers from Check Point found malicious code in 210 Android apps in the Google Play store that had been downloaded nearly 150 million times. The “SimBad” code is part of the new adware campaign and is hidden inside a software development kit (SDK) on these apps. Adware is a form of malware that installs itself on your device without you knowing and then displays ads. Check Point notified Google, and Google said the apps have been removed from the Play store. The infected apps are able to display background ads, open the browser to any page and download more malicious apps from either the Google Play store or a remote server, Check Point’s researchers said. The new browser page can lead to phishing websites — with pages that look real but are designed to trick people into revealing their login credentials. There is also code on the SDK that allowed the malicious app to delete its own icon, making it harder for victims to delete.While these apps were fully capable of all this, the only malicious activity witnessed has been the displaying of ads, Jonathan Shimonovich, a group manager at Check Point, said in an email.In the Google Play store, the adware SDK was hidden in hundreds of apps, the majority of which were simulator games, the researchers found. The app with the most downloads was Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator, with more than 10 million downloads. Others included Ambulance Rescue Driving, Fire Truck Emergency Driver, Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing, Hoverboard Racing, Real Tractor Farming Simulator and Car Parking Challenge, each with more than 5 million downloads.The malware was also found in live wallpaper apps and editing tools like Girlfriend photo editor, which was downloaded more than 1 million times.The full list of apps is available from Check Point.Adware is a rising threat for mobile apps as attackers look to take advantage of millions of devices to make money through ad fraud. Advertisers pay a lot of money to get views, and hacker know they can generate fake views through infected devices. In February, researchers detailed the DrainerBot ad fraud, which downloaded gigabytes of video ads that victims never saw. The Google Play store is a frequent target for ad fraud because it’s more open to developers than Apple’s App Store. Android has improved its efforts to curb bad apps, noting last month that it fixed vulnerabilities in more than 75,000 apps in 2018. Adware and malicious activity can often be hidden in the SDK, which are third-party tools used across apps. In another research paper Check Point released Wednesday, the security company said it found that an SDK hidden on 12 apps has been stealing contact information from up to 111 million devices in China.”Before integrating SDKs into their mobile applications, developers need to be aware of potential risks of undocumented and malicious behaviors implemented in third party SDKs,” Check Point said. 0center_img Share your voice Mobile Securitylast_img read more

FBI Director Tomorrows Terrorists Begin With A Few Clicks On The Internet

first_img Share UNIVERSITY LIVESTREAM TVA screenshot of FBI Director James Comey speaking at the University of Texas in Austin Thursday.FBI Director James Comey spoke at the University of Texas in Austin Thursday. He addressed national security threats facing the country as well as some of those happening right here in the Lone Star State. Comey was invited to give the keynote address at a symposium of the Intelligence Studies Project at UT.  He focused on foreign terror organizations like the Islamic State inspiring attacks on U.S. soil. Comey told the packed house at UT’s student alumni center that tomorrow’s terrorist begins with a few clicks on the internet today. “We’re still dealing with in the area of a thousand cases around the United States where we are investigating to understand where is someone on the spectrum between consuming the poison and acting on the poison.” And Comey says the FBI’s open investigation of potential radicalized terrorists includes individuals in Texas that have visited known Islamic State recruiting websites. Christopher Combs, the FBI’s special agent in charge of the San Antonio division, says they have open investigations in every one of their Texas offices, but could not go into detail about the nature of those investigations. “What we’ve seen now and the arrests we made frankly here in Austin back in the summer of 2014 are homegrown US citizens who radicalize online and then bring the fight here in America.”  Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw has said that there is a potential threat of Islamic State militants entering the US through the Texas-Mexico border.  But Combs says while the FBI has remained vigilant about catching these potential terrorists crossing the Texas-Mexico border, he says so far there is no evidence of that occurring.  Copyright 2017 KSTX-FM. To see more, visit KSTX-FM.last_img read more

First MotoGP in Thailand on 57 October officially named PTT Thailand Grand

first_imgThailand wins big in hosting first MotoGPThird Thailand Yacht Show confirms Kingdom’s status as Asia’s premier yachting hotspotThailand records 7.5% growth in visitor arrivals You can read full article here: eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The first MotoGP in Thailand, to be held on 5-7 October this year at Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram, is officially named PTT Thailand Grand Prix 2018.Thailand, through the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), has secured a three-year deal with Dorna Sport, which is the rights holder of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (MotoGP), to host the Grand Prix from 2018 to 2020, with Buriram United International Circuit as the rights manager of Thailand’s first edition of MotoGP, which is the 15th out of 19 races throughout the season.In addition to hosting the event in October,center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… SAWASDEE:last_img read more

Namale introduces new India Representative

first_imgKajal Somaiya has been appointed as the India Representative for Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji. Kajal has over 10 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, having worked as Tourism Fiji’s India Representative, as Media Manager for the Italian Tourism Board in India and as Assistant Marketing Manager for the French Tourism Board in India.“Fiji is very special and close to my heart and I feel privileged to have been part of the team responsible for marketing the destination here in India. I’m very excited about my new position with Namale Resort and Spa as their India Representative and look forward to promoting it among the Indian travel fraternity,” stated Somaiya.last_img