Savannah Petroleum changes name to Savannah Energy

first_img Savannah Petroleum changes name to Savannah Energy. (Credit: drpepperscott230 from Pixabay) Savannah Petroleum PLC, the British independent energy company focused around activities in Nigeria and Niger, announces that it is changing its name to Savannah Energy PLC.The change of name reflects the Company’s increasingly diversified asset portfolio. Savannah is now a leading energy producer in Nigeria and, via its controlling interest in the Accugas midstream business, the Company currently provides gas to power stations accounting for over 10% of Nigeria’s power generation capacity and operates one of the largest privately-owned gas transportation and distribution systems in sub-Saharan Africa. In Niger, Savannah is focused on developing its flagship assets in the prolific Agadem Rift Basin, with plans to deliver first oil in the near term.Trading in the Company’s shares on AIM will commence under the new name Savannah Energy PLC and the Company’s ticker will change to ‘SAVE’ with effect from 8am Monday 20 April 2020. The Company’s ISIN and SEDOL will remain unchanged. Source: Company Press Release The change of name reflects the Company’s increasingly diversified asset portfoliolast_img read more

Magdalen students begin hall strike

first_imgMagdalen JCR members opposed to increased catering charges are spending fourth to sixth Week as ‘hall refugees’, after their motion to go on strike from Magdalen Hall has come into effect.Meg Trainor, President of the striking JCR, stated, “At the General Meeting on Sunday 7 October, Magdalen JCR voted to go on Hall strike from 22 October until 4 November. As College did not change their position on the charge in the interim, the strike began on Monday. All JCR members have been boycotting Hall, and many have volunteered to provide alternative food options during the strike. On Monday 22 October, JCR volunteers served over 80 portions of homemade lunch and dinner to fellow JCR members.”The college’s bursary justified the proposed catering charge as a deficit reduction method for the catering department. One option for future students included a termly redeemable £150 charge and an additional termly fixed charge of up to £70. The proposals were rejected by 80% of the JCR, which published a detailed document criticising the charges as, “unnecessary and deeply unfair.” Third year PPPist Kate Eccles is serving soup and a roll at lunch for £1. Proceeds go towards a local charity. She said, “We thought that what people needed in this time of crisis was a nice bit of soup… We had a good turnout yesterday; we sold about 30 bowls of soup which was great.”Magdalen’s Grove D Kitchen has been providing meals from  £3 Third year Chemist Elena Harty, one of the volunteers cooking there, said, “Morale is great; everyone’s doing a great job to make this a success, both in and out of the college. So many other colleges have offered their support and we really appreciate it.”JCR Presidents at the third week Intercollegiate Presidents’ Committee offered their support. Queen’s President Jane Cahill asked her JCR “to invite a Magdalenite to dinner to quell their hunger, and to make sure they are meeting their dietary requirements and they resist the temptation to break the strike.’last_img read more


first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the Vanderburgh County Democratic party is about broke, politically ineffective and leaderless?  …special thanks should be given to those democrats who turned their backs on Rick Davis and Gayle Riecken Mayoral campaigns?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the poor won and lose record (0-11) of the Evansville Thunderbolts may be causing the owners problems?  …if poor attendence, lack of income from sponsorships and inadequate concession income continues they may be facing a cash flow crisis?IS IT TRUE we are pleased that VenueWorks are having many successful non-hockey events at the Ford Center? …bottom line, is that Venueworks know what the heck they are doing and the politicians should let them select and run the events  at the Ford Center?IS IT TRUE  we are led to believe the City of Evansville financial crisis of 2016 is officially over?  …we highly suggest that our City officials better start preparing for the impending 2017 budget crisis?IS IT TRUE we wonder how much the 2016 City of Evansville General Fund is over budget?  …our guess is that the City of Evansville General Fund could be in the red between $12.5 to $15 million of dollars for this year?IS IT TRUE  we are hearing that the 2016 City of Evansville Employee Hospitalization Fund is in the red by many millions of dollars?  …we hear that the final figure 2016 will be “whooper”?IS IT TRUE we wonder why the Mayor has allowed the City of Evansville General Fund to be overspent by an average of $1.2 million per month?IS IT TRUE if you live within the City limits and Council vote to take 2% from your Homestead Tax Credit you will really be losing about 4% (2% from City and 2% from County) of your Homestead Tax Credit?  … every Vanderburgh County Tax Payer will be losing 2% every year until the Homestead Tax Credit is eliminated by the Mayor and City Council?IS IT TRUE we can’t wait to see how many million of dollars the Evansville Zoo really lost in 2016?  …we are hearing the figure will be a “whooper” ?EDITORS FOOTNOTES:  Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel it was wise for the Mayor to replace the Evansville Icemen with the Evansville Thunderbolts?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “IU WOMEN’S-MENS SWIM AND DIVING TEAMS”.Also take time to read “BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] County Observer has been serving our community for 15 years.Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribute.last_img read more

Ocean City Police Activity Report for April 19 to 25

first_imgOCEAN CITY POLICE SUMMARIZED WEEK’S ACTIVITIESApril 19 – 25, 2015Calls for Service: 607Daily Average: 87 April 24, 2015: FridayCalls for service: 96Motor Vehicle Stops: 31Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 21Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 5 fire and 7 EMS callsCDS, 500 block Atlantic Ave., at 8:04amMotor vehicle accident, 24th St. & Bay Ave., at 2:57pmWarrant, 700 block Asbury Ave., at 4:26pmTheft, 500 block Atlantic Ave., at 4:45pmWarrant, 1600 block Haven Ave., one in custody, at 8:23pm April 23, 2015: ThursdayCalls for service: 70Motor Vehicle Stops: 24Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0Property Checks: 24Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 6 fire and 6 EMS callsWarrant, 700 Bay Ave., one in custody, at 9:12amWarrant, 800 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 11:20amCDS, 1200 block West Ave., one in custody, at 11:12pm April 20, 2015: Monday Calls for service: 74Motor Vehicle Stops: 16Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 25Alarms: 6The Police Department assisted with 4 Fire and 1 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 8th St. & Bay Ave., at 12:13pm April 25, 2015: Saturday Calls for service: 110Motor Vehicle Stops: 65Motor Vehicle Accidents: 3Property Checks: 17Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 2 EMS callsWarrant, 800 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 4:11amTheft, 600 block Asbury Ave., at 1:00pmMotor vehicle accident, 700 block 11th St., at 2:04pmMotor vehicle accident, 28th St. & Asbury Ave., at 3:56pmMotor vehicle accident, 500 block North St., at 6:14pm PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:Boardwalk merchants are reminded that they are only allowed to put merchandise for sale or display on the boardwalk during approved city events. Open signs are allowed until May 2, 2015.Parking meters by city ordinance go into effect starting May 1, 2015. Please remember to feed the meters. Ocean City Police Department April 21, 2015: TuesdayCalls for service: 91Motor Vehicle Stops: 33Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0Property Checks: 23Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 4 fire and 3 EMS callsWarrant, Route 52, one in custody, at 8:57pm April 19, 2015: Sunday                                                Calls for service: 88Motor Vehicle Stops: 40Motor Vehicle Accidents: 3Property Checks: 26Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 3 Fire and 6 EMS callsWarrant, 1200 block West Ave., one in custody, at 2:23amMotor vehicle accident, 1200 block Asbury Ave., 11:16amMotor vehicle accident, 2200 block Asbury Ave., at 11:16amMotor vehicle accident, 7th St. & Central Ave., at 1:31pmCriminal mischief, 300 block Asbury Ave., at 3:36pmDWI, 1900 block Bay Ave., one in custody, at 7:31pmWarrant, Bark Dr., one in custody, at 11:22pm April 22, 2015: WednesdayCalls for service: 78Motor Vehicle Stops: 29Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1Property Checks: 23Alarms: 0The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 3 EMS callsWarrant, 1700 block West Ave., one in custody, at 8:21amMotor vehicle accident, 8th St. & Ocean Ave., at 10:15amTheft, 600 block 7th St., at 11:00amTheft, 1200 block West Ave., at 12:27pmWarrant, 3700 block West Ave., one in custody, at 2:43pmBurglary, 400 block 8th St., at 4:05pmlast_img read more

Press release: Call for evidence on decision to revoke general licences for the management of certain wild birds

first_imgThe chair of Natural England, Tony Juniper, and Environment Secretary have exchanged letters this morning on General Licencing decision making powers.The Environment Secretary has set out that he considers it appropriate to take over ultimate decision making powers for general licences, recognising the scale of interest and concern that has been generated by the decision to revoke and because of the intensity and urgency of the present situation.Defra has today initiated a formal evidence gathering exercise in order to capture information from all concerned parties about the impact that the recent withdrawal of the three general licences (GL04, GL05 & GL06) on 25 April has had on the ground. In particular we want to gain a clear understanding of the implications for the protection of wild birds, and the impacts on crops, livestock, wildlife, disease, human health and safety and wider nature conservation efforts.The evidence gathered from that exercise, alongside the information that Defra and Natural England have already received since 25 April will inform decisions and approach to getting back to a satisfactory situation.The closing date for providing views and evidence is Monday 13 May. The Secretary of State then intends to take a further week to consider the evidence gathered and make a decision.A separate review of general licences will take place later in the year and there will be a further opportunity to submit evidence and views at that point.last_img read more

Demanding More from Data Protection

first_imgBusiness expectations for data protection have evolved more rapidly than IT can respond. Initially, CIOs sought to lower operational and capital cost and risk by covering the protection continuum (from availability to archive). Now, CIOs need protection to help accelerate the business and drive revenue.How can data protection meet these expanding demands? Metadata. The future lies with those who gather and leverage all the available information.Cost vs. RiskA few years ago, the person who said, “It’s not about the backup; it’s about the recovery” was considered a king of insight (in the ‘one-eyed man in the land of the blind’ sense).Today, customers recognize a continuum of recoveries: Cloud Compliance: Businesses will move some applications and infrastructure to the cloud. IT fears that the cloud solutions will not meet business and legal regulations, and that those shortcomings will be blamed on them. The data protection team needs to ensure that the application data in the cloud is protected, secure, and compliant – even when the business “forgets” to involve them.The data protection discussion bears little resemblance to the “backup window” conversations of years past. Companies expect end-to-end data protection and availability solutions that deliver insight to help IT better serve the business.Solving Use CasesDespite the overwhelming demands, protection teams can redefine themselves. Metadata, the information about your information, is the key. By leveraging metadata, customers create unified solutions that span the protection continuum. The result is that IT becomes a data protection service provider that tracks, monitors, analyzes, and manages the variety of protection techniques.IT then evolves to data management service provider by unlocking the next generation of use cases tied to the protection metadata. Security: Correlate infrastructure metadata (e.g., who is logging into what systems) with application metadata (e.g., what is running on that infrastructure) and content metadata (e.g. , what data are they accessing/creating) to flag security and compliance issues. Corruption recovery: Rollback an application to a previous point in time, due to a logical corruption (bad database schema, etc.) Availability: The line between “availability” and “recovery” is also blurring. Teams prefer to deploy continuously available infrastructure for disaster avoidance rather than disaster recovery. Furthermore, they want to know – “Will moving this workload compromise the data protection/security?” or “Are the application users and data in different sites, compromising performance?” Granular operational recovery: Extract a single object from a recent (90 days or less) point in time – (e.g., email, file) usually due to users’ ”oops”. Disaster recovery: Re-create an application due to unrecoverable failure. Increasingly, customers prefer disaster avoidance with continuous availability. Security: The line between “backup” and “security” blurs. Companies want protection from both accidental and malicious action, like “Has secure data leaked to unsecured servers?” or “Can we identify excessive data deletion because that may indicate an attack?” or “Can I put all information pertaining to this user and his contacts into a compliance/security case file?” Archival retrieval: Search and retrieve objects from a historical archive, usually due to compliance or legal need.To meet these needs, customers deploy mirrors, snapshots, replicas, backups, and archives. The complexity creates a conflict between reducing operational cost and reducing risk.Accelerating the BusinessBusiness demands an agile, analytic-driven IT environment. Unfortunately, small data sprawl, geographically distributed applications and users, makes centralized analytics nearly impossible. There is another option, however. Data protection consolidates both data and metadata across the organization. It’s time for that data protection lake to evolve from insurance policy to business asset.Over the past year, we’ve seen the following data protection extensions: Availability: Correlate application metadata (e.g., what applications are being created or moved) to the infrastructure metadata (e.g., where is the load going to run and be protected) to predict availability issues. Cloud Compliance: The flow is similar to on-premise security, with one additional requirement. IT must work with the cloud provider to access the infrastructuremetadata. Any cloud provider unwilling or unable to provide access to key log information is not mature enough to trust with critical application workloads.By collecting and analyzing the metadata across the environment, the protection team can expand the sets of services they can offer to the business. They can protect the company from the full array of both intentional and accidental failures and attacks. Even more, with the right strategy, people, process, and technology, IT can become a data management service provider. The future of IT is in accelerating business revenue; the path is paved by central protection metadata.last_img read more

Don’t Think She’s Not! Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss Joins Off-Broadway’s NEWsical the Musical

first_img View Comments Christine Pedi NEWSical the Musical is a forever changing, complexly un-sanitized musical mockery of all the news that’s fit to spoof. NEWSical sets all of today’s biggest pop culture headlines to music, including news about Honey Boo Boo, Paula Deen, Anthony Weiner, A-Rod, Kim and Kanye’s baby North West and more. Off-Broadway is getting Kandi Koated. Sassy Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss joins the cast of off-Broadway comedy NEWSical the Musical beginning January 13.  The housewife will play in the zany show through January 26 at the Kirk Theatre. Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on June 17, 2019center_img Created by Rick Crom and directed by Mark Waldrop, NEWSical also currently features Christine Pedi, Michael West, Susan Mosher and Tommy Walker. In addition to appearing on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss was a member of the multi-platinum-selling R&B group Xscape. She has written and produced hits for Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Pink. She is also the writer of Destiny’s Child songs “Bug A Boo” and “Bills, Bills, Bills.” She won a Grammy Award for TLC’s “No Scrubs,” and was the first African-American woman to win ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award. Related Shows Newsical The Musicallast_img read more

Hamilton Director Thomas Kail on Those 16 Tony Nods

first_img Related Shows from $149.00 View Comments Hamiltoncenter_img History (and anyone who can manage to get a ticket) has its eyes on the Thomas Kail-helmed hit Hamilton, which garnered 16 Tony nominations on May 3. One went to creator and title star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s right hand man Kail, who also directed In the Heights. The two-time Tony nominee appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on May 4 to react to the record-breaking number of Tony nods. “This is a time of the year when so many Broadway shows have attention on them, so the fact that people recognize the work of our designers and our actors is incredibly moving…It was a remarkable day.” Don’t wait for it—watch the video below! Thomas Kaillast_img read more

Rain harvesting

first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaWater bans may still be in place for many Georgia residents, but they can keep their gardens growing and lawns watered. All it takes is a roof, a gutter, a tank, a little rain and some ingenuity.“In rainwater, we can have a really good solution to our irrigation problem,” said Frank Henning, a watershed agent with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. “When we start to look at how much water can be harvested from an average size rooftop, the quantities are there, even in a drought year like 2007.”He’s not talking about catching it in a rain barrel, although any water saved is better than sending it all into roads and streams as runoff. Henning is encouraging Georgians to take a lesson from some of their Western neighbors and install a rainwater holding tank.For Billy Kniffen of Menard, Texas, it takes more than a rain barrel to collect enough water to keep his entire household going. His drinking water doesn’t come from a municipal supply or a well. It comes from rain harvesting. “Rain is my only source of water,” he said, which he purifies before he drinks it. “If I run out, I run out of water. Every raindrop is very valuable.” Kniffen is an extension agent for Texas A&M University. He and his wife rely on less than 5 inches of rain per year for their indoor water needs. For comparison, Atlanta got 25.48 inches of rain in 2007, an extremely dry year, according to UGA’s Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network ( Georgia, 9.5 million people depend on a clean water supply. Half of the state’s population lives in 12 urban counties, with the rest spread out among 147 other counties.“How can we work to still have the vegetative growth we enjoy?” Henning said. “Rain catchment is one of the better solutions.”Rain catchment, or harvesting, can be anything from a grouping of 50 gallon barrels connected by tubing to Kniffen’s five 3,000-gallon tanks. Kniffen’s tanks are connected to his roof, where every inch of rainfall produces just over a half gallon of water per square foot of roof. In his case, the 5,900 square feet of roof on his home and barn captures about 2,900 gallons of water per inch of rain.His system cost $6,500 in 2003, not including gutters or labor. In comparison, a 50-gallon rain barrel costs $100 and up.Henning isn’t advocating disconnecting from the water main. He does encourage Georgians to use rainwater. After catching it, he says to zone landscapes according to plant water needs, determine which plants really need water and then “work that into your rain harvest scheme.”“Even in a drought year, we can collect enough water to irrigate ornamental plants in most landscapes,” Henning said.On San Juan Island in Washington state, Tim Pope can’t connect to a water main, because there isn’t one. Pope has been building rainfall catchment systems in the Pacific Northwest for about 15 years. He can guarantee his clients fresh water, something wells can’t always provide. The island is “rocks next to salt water covered in clay,” he said. And sometimes that salt water breeches a well’s fresh water source.Pope’s goal is to make rain harvesting systems as easy as possible for homeowners. But he also reminds them “the water we get out of the sky, although it’s probably the best water we can get, still isn’t perfect.”To that end, most rain harvesting systems have a screen somewhere on the downspout to filter out large debris. Pope then follows the screen with a ceramic carbon block for sediment filtration and an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and disinfect the water.Once a rain harvesting system is in place, upkeep is the homeowner’s responsibility.“Three things in life are certain,” Kniffen said. “Death, taxes and another drought is on its way. Conservation is the No. 1 thing we need to do. Rainwater harvesting is just one piece, but it’s a very important piece.”(Stephanie Schupska is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Hempstead Clerk Aide Accused of Computer Tampering

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Derek FoderA Hempstead town clerk employee has been arrested for deleting more than 5,000 files, including information concerning marriage licenses and death certificates, from an office computer last week, Nassau County prosecutors said.Derek Foder, who testified in the trial of recently convicted and ousted Town Clerk Mark Bonilla, was charged with computer tampering, a felony.Prosecutors said the 27-year-old Malverne man, a former office aide in the clerk’s office, had logged on to his work computer Aug. 8 and deleted the files from the office’s computer database, including official town photos.That came after Bonilla was convicted of official misconduct for threatening to transfer an employee unless the employee turned over compromising photos of a former female staffer who has accused Bonilla of sexual harassment.Foder, who earned $38,000 annually, told the town Aug. 12—the day before he was fired—that he accidentally deleted the files, which were recovered, although some are not available to the public without a court order, authorities said.He was released without bail and is due back in court Monday. He faces up to four years in prison, if convicted. Bonilla will be sentenced next month.last_img read more