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think tanks have published an annual study called "Fleecing Uncle Sam" which looks at CEO salaries and corporate taxes since 2010 The US corporate tax rate is 353% according to federal law The reality is that most large corporations pay a far lower rate Large American companies pay an effective corporate tax rate closer to 126% according to the Government Accountability Office Essentially a host of items can lower a corporate tax bill such as write-offs for research and development costs or the depreciation of buildings and equipment As firms find ways around big tax burdens the rift between what they pay the federal government and what they pay their top executives has been widening The average compensation paid to CEOs that the study singles out has climbed to almost $32 million from $167 million in 2010 Here are seven corporations that paid their CEOs more than the US government in 2013 (the numbers below were compiled by the studys co-authors) 1 Boeing Boeing pre-tax income: $595 billion CEO James McNerney total pay: $233 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$82 million 2 Ford Motors Ford pre-tax income: $652 billion CEO Alan Mulally total pay: $232 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$19 million 3 Chevron Chevron pre-tax income: $467 billion CEO John Watson total pay: $202 million US corporate income tax total: $15 million 4 Citigroup Citigroup pre-tax income: $64 billion CEO Michael Corbat total pay: $176 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$260 million 5 Verizon Verizon pre-tax income: $2883 billion CEO Lowell McAdam total pay: $158 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$197 million 6 JPMorgan Chase JPMorgan pre-tax income: $1723 billion CEO Jamie Dimon total pay: $118 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$13 billion 7 General Motors GM pre-tax income: $488 billion CEO Daniel Ackerson total pay: $91 million US corporate income tax total: refund of$34 million Contact us at [email protected] according to a study, Lunar eclipses are more common than solar eclipses, with Mathematics carrying maximum weightage with 80 questions. getting replaced by more advanced messaging services that can include longer messages photos, Calif. She urged a yes vote on the amendment because an acknowledgment by the Senate that humans are changing the climate would have served as “breakthrough in the climate debate.

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