Why do husbands fall in love with other women?

first_imgLifestyleRelationships Why do husbands fall in love with other women? by: familyshare.com – August 25, 2015 Share Share “Why did my husband fall in love with another woman?” It can haunt your every thought, but isn’t simply answered. Despite commitment and communication in a marriage, infidelity can still occur. Asking yourself “What went wrong” or “What did I do wrong” are painful questions, but they can help get you to the answer you are looking for. The saying goes that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While that’s not entirely true, it does truthfully state that men and women are different…very different. Of course, this isn’t a secret; but the problem is that we rarely realize men and women are so different. When things might be going well for you, things might not be for your husband. Here are some reasons why he might choose to be unfaithful.He is looking for a friendMen hope to find a woman who is emotionally intimate; a woman who listens, who understands, a woman who is not afraid to talk about anything. That woman does not react impulsively, she understands without judging and doesn’t reply with “I told you.” While this type of woman can exist in his wife, not having this level of understanding may provoke a man to find someone who can fulfill another aspect of his relationship.Women adore playingMen might be looking for someone who is not afraid to be carefree and spontaneous. Marriage brings responsibility, no matter how good the marriage is. Men who feel tied down by commitment will seek a woman that likes to run from responsibility, someone who is a little childish and will indulge his habits of playing ball or video games. If this playfulness and fun attitude isn’t present in marriage, it could explain why he left.He wants an independent womanIt seems silly, but husbands often seek a woman who is independent. Though they’ve made a commitment in marriage, it’s not really what they want. They are looking for a woman who doesn’t really revolve around them or your family. It’s a bit paradoxical because that’s who you were before you got married. In essence, this type of man is chasing something he can’t ever have.He wants a happy womanMen want to make women happy. If it seems like happiness is a hopeless situation in his own marriage, he might see to make another woman happy outside of his marriage. Though you both have been happy together in the past, your relationship isn’t where he’d like it to be right now. He’s seeking to make someone else happy because he doesn’t think he can do the same for you.He is looking for something you don’t haveRecently, a friend told me: “I love feminine women.” It’s a selfish choice to think that your wife — the woman you are committed to — isn’t “what I want,” but it happens. It’s a shallow reason to cheat on your wife, but some men rationalize that they want to be with someone younger or with someone that is different from you.He hates tearsMy personal conclusion is that some men cheat on their wives because they hate feeling guilty or responsible for our pain and suffering. It seems easier to choose to do something so wrong, so they no longer are responsible for making things all better again. It’s a selfish way out of a situation, but it does give an escape: an escape that usually results in divorce.These reasons are hard to read, but they could give a glimpse into why this happened. Learn the ways you and your husband are different. Talk about things in depth; don’t ignore hurt feelings, complaints, or praise. Remember, it’s the lasting behaviors that create understanding and love…things that will hopefully prevent infidelity from every happening in your marriage. Tweetcenter_img 857 Views   one comment Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Pavement possible on first 1.7 km of Trans Canada Trail this summer

first_imgIf all the funding aligns, the Grand Forks Community Trail Society (GFCTS) could have the first 1.7 kilometers of the 17 km Trans Canada Trail between Grand Forks and Christina Lake paved by this summer.Last week the society was awarded $56,000 from the TransCanada Trail Foundation to start the first phase of paving between 68th Street in Grand Forks to the Nursery. The entire project, which will cost an estimated $1.6 million, has been broken down into three phases to make it more affordable. The first phase will cost an estimated $101,640.Loosing no time due to the March 15 grant-imposed deadline to have the engineering design created by, Ken Oliver from Urban Systems spent this week designing the trail. He’s being followed by an environmental assessment. The assessment recommendations will be used in designing the paved areas.“Things are underway and we’re pretty excited,” said Mary Ann Westaway, GFCTS treasurer who also attending the city council meeting earlier this week to ask for funding consideration.“This used to be a dream and now that dream is taking off.” Westaway said when the society paved the trails within Grand Forks they saw a huge increase in the number of users. She hopes to see the same between Christina Lake and Grand Forks.She said the paving will make it easier for cyclists, baby strollers, roller blades and will make the paths more visible from the highway, which may attract more tourists to use it.But the $56,000 will only go so far. The society is asking the city to help out with an additional $50,000.While the city could not commit to the money, they did commit to considering the request.“It is on the table,” said Grand Forks mayor Brian Taylor during the regular city council meeting on Monday, Feb. 4. “And congratulations – your efforts have been tireless.”The paving project broken down into three phases – first phase to the city limits, second phase to the end of Gilpin Grasslands Provincial Park and the final phase to the east end of Cascade Gorge – will make the – project easier to find funding for.To alleviate some of the earlier controversy from ATV users that paving the trail would limit their use, the trails society has been working closely with the Grand Forks All Terrain Vehicle Club (GFATV), said Westaway. The ATV Club has representatives who sit in on the trail society meetings and a user agreement is being established between the two groups on which users will be using which trails in the community. Also, there are many horse riders who like to use the trail system between Cascade Gorge and Gilpin Grasslands Provincial Park, so future plans hope to accommodate them by providing a soft shoulder alongside the paving, said Westaway.To find out more about the project visit www.gftrails.ca.last_img read more