“Happy 75th birthday to Win Tin, in prison for the past 16 years”

first_img RSF asks Germany to let Myanmar journalist Mratt Kyaw Thu apply for asylum Help by sharing this information MyanmarAsia – Pacific May 31, 2021 Find out more MyanmarAsia – Pacific Receive email alerts Two Reporters Without Borders representatives have been held for two hours, with a French police officer, inside the Burmese embassy in Paris. Other activists were surrounded by policemen outside. Reporters Without Borders went to the embassy in an attempt to give a letter to the ambassador, who refused it. The embassy has threatened to file a complaint against Reporters Without Borders.Win Tin, Burma’s most famous journalist, will celebrate his 75th birthday tomorrow in his cell in Rangoon’s sadly notorious Insein prison, Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association said today. Since his arrest on 4 July 1989, he has been deprived of his basic rights, in particular, the right to receive proper medical treatment and the right to be able to write.Despite recent announcements that he would be included in the release of a number of detainees, the military junta did not free this respected intellectual, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for various alleged offences including “anti-government propaganda.”Win Tin has had two heart attacks since he was imprisoned. For several years, the septuagenarian has had to spend frequent spells in a Rangoon hospital where a number of small rooms are reserved for prisoners.Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association take actionReporters Without Borders activists today gave the Burmese ambassador to France symbolic birthday presents labelled “Pens”, “Medicine” and “Newspapers” – items which the Burmese authorities have denied Win Tin for the past 16 years.Burmese journalists and foreign correspondents met at the Foreign Correspondents Club in the Thai capital of Bangkok yesterday. They heard Zin Linn, one of Win Tin’s former fellow detainees, describe the man they call Saya, the Sage. They also heard Burmese reporter Khin Maung Win and British journalist Larry Jagan describe their experiences in Burma and the constraints under which the Burmese press has to work.A symbolic gift for Win Tin was also presented today during a press conference in the international tourism fair in Berlin by a representative of the German section of Reporters Without Borders. The Burma Media Association has devoted a special issue of its Burmese-language magazine Oodan entirely to Win Tin. It contains articles he wrote and tributes from Burmese writers and international figures.Reporters Without Borders has also produced a Win Tin poster that shows him behind bars and has the words: “Happy 75th Birthday to Win Tin, in prison for the past 16 years.” And the Reporters Without Borders website had made Win Tin the subject of its “Journalist in the news” special page, in English, French and Spanish. See the special page in english.Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association urge you to sign an international petition. Click here. May 26, 2021 Find out more March 11, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 “Happy 75th birthday to Win Tin, in prison for the past 16 years” News RSF_en Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar On the eve of Win Tin’s 75th birthday, Reporters Without Borders activists were held for two hours today at the Burmese embassy in Paris after giving the ambassador symbolic birthday presents for the imprisoned journalist. The Burmese embassy has threatened to bring a complaint against the press freedom organization. Follow the news on Myanmar US journalist held in Yangon prison notorious for torture Organisation News News News May 12, 2021 Find out more to go furtherlast_img read more

2017: The next ‘shareholder spring’?

first_imgNorges Bank Investment Management, which manages the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, Europe’s largest institutional investor, has also waded into the debate. It called for CEOs to be paid in shares that were locked-in for 10 years.“Companies are clearly looking for investors to engage on pay,” said Michael Herskovich, head of corporate governance at BNP Paribas Investment Partners. “Issuers are coming to us outside of voting season to hear what investors think.”In 2012, significant proportions of investors voted against pay packages at Aviva, Barclays, UBS, and Citigroup. At the time, such opposition was almost unprecedented.Iain Richards, head of responsible investment at Columbia Threadneedle, said it was “very, very likely” that the UK would see another shareholder spring this year as investors react against executive pay packages – and the people responsible for them.“If you have an issue with executive pay, shouldn’t you have an issue with the remuneration committee chair?” Richards said. “One of the characteristics I expect to see is a focus on the chairs of remuneration committees – taking responsibility for culture and approach, and being held to account for it.”Columbia Threadneedle voted against 23% of the remuneration proposals it saw last year, Richards said – and he expected a “marked uptick in voting action” in 2017.Hans-Christoph Hirt, co-head of Hermes Equity Ownership Services (Hermes EOS), added that this year was “probably as active as I’ve seen it”.“There’s a lot going on and a strong direction of travel,” Hirt said. However, he added that activity was unlikely to just focus around company AGMs as boards attempted to address shareholder concerns “behind the scenes”.Not just the shareholdersOther factors have also driven the uptick in engagement activity. Many companies in the UK face a binding vote on remuneration policy for the first time this year, after a rule requiring one every three years was introduced late in 2013.In addition, the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) committee – a group of politicians from the UK’s lower house of parliament – earlier this month published a green paper on corporate governance. In it, they called for a new approach to executive pay and for new rules to be implemented by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).The BEIS committee said: “It is hardly consistent with [prime minister Theresa May’s] vision of an economy that works for everyone to see levels of pay for those at the top increasing at a rate that vastly exceeds increases for ordinary employees and which seemingly is at odds with the value created in the company.”The committee also called for boards to face a binding vote on pay within 12 months if more than 25% of shareholders voted against an initial proposal – an idea Columbia Threadneedle has supported.“If 25% of shareholders dissent on the remuneration report, you should then require it to be put to a binding vote next year,” Richards said. “They would then have 12 months to get their act together before a very public vote.”Linking pay and strategyCatherine Howarth, chief executive of ShareAction, said there was a “huge disconnect” between corporate profits and corporate pay.“In the last 20 years, particularly in the FTSE 100, pay has leapt ahead of shareholder returns,” she said.ShareAction’s activities this year will focus on the link between remuneration and corporate strategy, Howarth added. Major UK listed companies such as Shell and BP face “significant challenges” regarding climate change and carbon emissions in the next 10-20 years and “really need to prioritise their business strategies”, she said.The BEIS committee’s paper recommended that bonuses be aligned with “broader corporate responsibilities and company objectives”, and tasked the FRC with incorporating it into their forthcoming corporate governance work.“We’re saying shareholders should be engaging with boards of directors to see how they’re going to be successful investment in a low carbon world,” Howarth said.“The remuneration policy should be encouraging directors to focus on that. At the moment pay is linked to selling more oil and gas. We think that’s out of line with long-term strategy and requirements. We don’t think they are presenting to shareholders a plan that is long-term resilient.”The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association last year set out tough new guidelines for voting on executive pay, while the Social Democrats party in Germany has made executive pay an important part of its election manifesto. The European Union is also considering introducing binding vote rules for remuneration at European listed companies.“The shareholder spring showed that investors overall are ready and do not hesitate to say ‘no’ or to put forward shareholder proposals,” said BNP Paribas’ Herskovich. “I would expect more and more markets to get binding votes on pay.” The public debate over executive pay at BP could be just the start of another ‘shareholder spring’, according to engagement experts.Listed companies are seeking investors’ feedback more than ever in a bid to avoid unfavourable headlines regarding executive pay, several investors told IPE.While headlines have trumpeted uprisings among disgruntled shareholders for each of the past five years, co-ordinated activities led by groups such as ShareAction in Europe and International Shareholder Services in the US indicate that 2017 could lead to significant results.At BP, CEO Bob Dudley has agreed to a pay cut this year following criticism of previous remuneration.last_img read more

Chemical scheme to join APF following pressure from regulator

first_imgAs a consequence, DNB had demanded measures to ensure sound management.Initially, the pension fund had played down the urgency for change, saying it would seek talks with similar schemes about setting up an APF.However, following further pressure from the supervisor, Rob van Pernis, the scheme’s chair, stepped down and was replaced by Heemskerk. Heemskerk led the Dutch pension fund of Royal Bank of Scotland when it joined the Centraal Beheer APF last year.At the moment Cindu’s board is negotiating with four APFs, according to Heemskerk.He said a potential problem was that the employer and unions were in conflict about the pensions accrual, which had been unilaterally reduced by the sponsor. However, the unions said that they were prepared to compromise.With a funding of almost 120% at July-end, the Pensioenfonds Cindu is financially relatively healthy. During the past 19 years, it has been able to grant 78% indexation based on the consumer index. A Dutch chemical company’s pension scheme is to join a general pension fund (APF) following pressure from supervisor De Nederlandsche Bank.DNB deemed the €173m pension fund of the former Chemische Industrie Uithoorn (Cindu) vulnerable because of ageing demographics and difficulties finding new board members, according to Jacco Heemskerk, the scheme’s new independent chairman.With just 74 active partipants but more than 1,000 pensioners and 435 deferred members, Cindu was on DNB’s list of “vulnerable and not sustainable” pension funds.The scheme had experienced difficulties coping with new legislation and finding new board members. Its annual report for 2016 showed that it didn’t comply with legislation or DNB’s code for pension funds on many issues. In addition, its investment cycle was not up to scratch and it also lacked compliance management.last_img read more

Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling making numbers work for him

first_img“It kind of gave me a chance to tinker around in the market,” Stripling said.By this point, the Dodgers’ rookie pitcher has done more than tinker.In February, Stripling passed the Series 7 examination, a seven-hour test, to become a licensed stockbroker. While prepping for it over the three previous months, he worked at Wunderlich Securities, a brokerage firm, at its Houston branch.Stripling, a finance major at Texas A&M, saw it as a chance to keep busy in the offseason and to learn the business.The 26-year-old right-hander had also just recovered from 2014 Tommy John surgery, as stark of a reminder as any of how brutal and unforgiving baseball can be. He had also yet to advance past Double-A before this season. “He’s a realistic guy,” said Matthew Houston, a senior vice president at Wunderlich Securities who hired Stripling. “He understands he could have been out of the baseball business in a short time, so he was looking out for building a career whether it’s in two years or 15 years, which I don’t know if that’s typical of somebody in the minor leagues. I suspect it’s not.”Stripling didn’t have an easy schedule. He typically arrived at the company’s downtown office at 6:30 a.m., making a 45-minute commute from the suburbs. That way he left himself enough time to work out in the afternoon. Spring training loomed.In the office, he spent a bulk of his time studying for the Series 7. Otherwise, Houston had him research stock options through a company database and file reports. Those impressed quickly.“I was expecting him to send me an email with five or six bullet points on it,” Houston said. “I get back a three-page report that looks like a stock analyst report out of Wall Street.”Stripling first grew interested in financial markets because of his late grandfather, Hayes.For most of his life, Hayes ran grocery stores in west Texas, but retired in his early 50s, and started day trading. Late in high school, Ross began to pick his brain and especially as he entered college and took classes in Texas A&M’s business school.“He was a guy I would go to and ask questions,” Stripling said. “’What are you looking for when you are looking for a company to invest in? Or what do you think the market is going to do in the next three to six months. It’s something really that started off as something for us to talk about when we called up and had a fun conversation.”Based on his first few weeks in the major leagues, Stripling shouldn’t have to rush off to Wall Street any time soon.He became the No. 5 starter, beating out other top Dodgers prospects such as Carlos Frias and Zach Lee. In his debut against the San Francisco Giants, he threw a no-hitter through 71/3 innings, an effort likely overshadowed when Manager Dave Roberts opted to remove him after 100 pitches, a decision that resulted in a helping of second-guessing. Entering his fourth career start Monday night against the Miami Marlins at Dodger Stadium, he carries a 2.65 ERA with 13 strikeouts and seven walks.As Stripling has made the jump to the majors, catcher A.J. Ellis credited the rookie’s preparation and thoroughness, not unlike the assessment Houston offered. Ellis said Stripling typically arrives at meetings with him and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt, carrying detailed notes corresponded with various colors of ink for separate categories.“The statistical analysis that’s out there right now, he’s really working hard to break it down and have an idea of all these hitters he’s never faced before, what a computer or what a stat system might say that are the safe spots for him to go,” Ellis said. “So he’s able to really make a lot of good choices.”Stripling said he likes analyzing the heat maps the Dodgers’ starting pitchers are given. Those break down a hitter’s strike zone, showing his batting average at certain spots, as well as the exit velocity, how hard contact is made.“I’m not an expert with numbers by any means,” Stripling said, “but math was my best subject and it’s typically a pretty easy thing for me to grasp.”It hasn’t taken him long to get up to speed. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img The signing bonus a baseball player nets with his first professional contract comes all at once.So when Ross Stripling signed with the Dodgers for $130,000 four years ago after going in the fifth round of the MLB draft, he was suddenly sitting on a good bit of cash.Certainly, there were luring options. Instead, Stripling saw a practical one. He opened a brokerage account with Scottrade and started investing.He poured most of the signing-bonus money into a select number of stocks — Amazon, Facebook, Google, Nike and Under Armour, among others — big companies he said that interested him and his generation.last_img read more

Thurston County Area Propane Gas Check

first_imgFacebook5Tweet0Pin0If you have home delivery of propane, your company has probably completed a “Gas Check” on your system.  A Gas Check is a safety inspection of the entire propane delivery system.  This inspection checks for leaks, inspects all propane appliances, and ensures that everything is up to code and in a safe operating condition.Most insurance companies now require Gas Checks to be completed on any new propane account. This includes all situations where new homeowners or tenants move into a home, or anytime a customer switches from one company to another.  Even if your previous company had performed the inspection, by regulation the new company must complete one as well.  While this may seem like an unnecessary duplication, this process does ensure everything is operating safely and limits liability to the new company should anything happen.At Acme Fuel, if a new customer goes on Automatic Fuel Delivery, which I discussed in the last article, we will waive the $99 fee.  If the customer only wants to call for their fuel or shop for prices, we do apply the $99 fee; this way we at least recoup a portion of the cost of conducting the inspection.As always, if you have any questions or would like to sign up for service, give us a call at 360-943-1133 or check the website at www.acmefuel.com.last_img read more

Hawks clinch Murdoch, now enter post season as early divisional favourite to capture playoff title

first_imgBy Bruce Fuhr, The Nelson DailyThe first round of the Murdoch playoffs have been set.And now Terry Jones and the Hawk players can sit back and watch the Nelson Leafs and Castlegar Rebels pound the daylights out of each other during the first round of the playoffs while Beaver Valley toys with the Spokane Braves.While nothing is set in stone come playoff time, during the past handful of seasons the team surviving the regular season test in the Murdoch Division usually wins the playoff title.“It’s really important to win the division and avoid that tough first round matchup,” Hawks’ head coach Terry Jones told The Nelson Daily earlier this season.“Last year we played Nelson in the first round and had nothing really left for Castlegar in the next round,” Jones added. “So it’s important to win the division.”Castlegar defeated Spokane in the first round of the playoffs last season, then dominated Beaver Valley in the next round en route to the KIJHL final under the guidance of head coach Steve Junker.The Hawks managed the feat during the weekend by taking three points from the Rebels in two very close overtime games between the two West Kootenay rivals.Christian Johnson was the hero Friday for Beaver Valley, scoring at 3:26 of the second overtime period to edge the Rebels 4-3.Saturday Castlegar returned the favour, winning 4-3 on a Scott Morriseau overtime marker.But the three-point weekend by the Hawks secured the Murdoch Division title as Beaver Valley leads by 11 points with only five games remaining for Castlegar. Beaver Valley now plays out the string before hosting Spokane Braves in the first round of the KIJHL playoffs.The Hawks have owned the Braves this season.Meanwhile, Castlegar and Nelson continue their season rivalry this weekend with a home-and-home series before opening in the best-of-seven series in the Sunflower City.The Leafs, currently 7-1-0-2 in the last 10 games, have played the Rebels tough this season with the teams splitting the series each winning three times.Nelson survived a tough Super Bowl Sunday game against Spokane. Uriah Machuga had six points but Nelson still won 8-7.James Sorrey, who had not scored a goal since before Christmas, potted the winner in the last two minutes to send the fans home happy.Colton Schell led the Leafs with three points.Beaver Valley hosts Golden and Spokane Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at the Hawks Nest.Grand Forks travels to Castlegar Tuesday to meet the Rebels.Trio of Hawks chase Hubscher for the KIJHL leadThe three-headed Monster in Beaver Valley — Ryan Edwards, rookie Craig Martin and Chris Derochie — are currently chasing Nitro sniper Richard Hubscher for the KIJHL lead in scoring.The Kimberley player leads the league in scoring with 93 points, two in front of Derochie.Martin is one point in back of his Beaver Valley teammate at 90 and three in front of Edwards.Martin owns the goal scoring lead by a wide margin over Rylan Duley of Kimberley and Chase Edwards of Kamloops. Martin has 45 goals, five in front of Duley and [email protected]last_img read more

Aston Villa get back to winning ways at Bolton’s expense

first_img Things still look uncertain for Bolton 5 Chester was on hand to head home a Conor Hourihane free-kick but the Welsh international was ruled offside, while Abraham missed a gloriously scoring opportunity in the first minute of the second period.However, Villa lived dangerously and only an outstretched foot by goalkeeper Orjan Nyland prevented Craig Noone levelling for the visitors.The hosts continued to live dangerously – but Chester gave them breathing space in the 58th minute when he forced home a Grealish free-kick. 5 REVEALED RANKED no dice This is Dean Smith’s second win in his fourth game in charge of the club Chester’s header early in the second-half sealed the victory Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Jack Grealish scored his first goal of the season to pave the way for Aston Villa’s 2-0 Sky Bet Championship win over struggling Bolton.Grealish, who is on England manager Gareth Southgate’s radar, took the honours as Villa moved back into the top half following back-to-back defeats. MONEY Latest Football News Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade REVEALED The 23-year-old netted in the fourth minute and laid on the free-kick from which skipper James Chester doubled the home side’s lead in the 58th minute.However, Bolton’s worries continue – they have picked up just one point from their last six matches.Villa started strongly and got their early rewards through Grealish, told by manager Dean Smith to operate in a more forward role and to make a bigger impact as a goalscorer.A slick pass from Tammy Abraham set up Grealish and the young star took possession, veered to his right, side-stepped goalkeeper Ben Alnwick and slid the ball into an empty net. Villa attacked almost at will but Bolton, who had scored only two goals in their previous eight games, slowly weathered the storm with Erhun Oztumer showing good skill to open up some attacking moves.Oztumer had the best opportunity for a first-half equaliser but the former Walsall player was off balance and could only produce a weak left footed shot.Skipper Chester then came to Villa’s rescue when he desperately cleared a Will Buckley effort off the line as Bolton began to mount some promising attacks.Grealish again came in for some heavy and reckless tackling by the visitors – and only a diving save by Alnwick prevented him doubling Villa’s advantage. 5 5 BEST OF ADVICE 5 Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won huge blow This is Grealish’s first goal since April Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red cardlast_img read more

What we learned about the Raiders at the combine

first_imgINDIANAPOLIS — The Raiders never fail to stay relevant, regardless of their standing in the NFL hierarchy, and this week at the combine was no different.From Antonio Brown rumors to owning the most first-round picks in the league, the Raiders have plenty circulating this time of the offseason.With free agency less than two weeks away and the draft less than two months in the distance, here are five things we learned about Jon Gruden’s team in Indianapolis entering his second year back at the …last_img

Arcata volleyball handles business in NCS D-IV opening round

first_imgMaya Mircetich had 12 kills and No. 8 Arcata High was dominant in its first-round North Coast Section Division-IV contest, beating No. 9 St. Mary’s—Albany in straight sets (25-23, 25-17, 25-19), Thursday night at Arcata High.Arcata (24-7) received a bit of a surprise from the visitors and trailed early in the first set 7-3. The Big 5 champs were down 22-17 late in the set mostly due to unforced errors. The Tigers however rebounded as Mircetich hit a rocket of a kill to tie the opening set at …last_img

“Extinct” Woodpecker Found in Arkansas

first_imgOne of the world’s largest woodpeckers, the ivory-billed woodpecker, thought for over 50 years to be extinct, has been spotted alive in the remote woods of Arkansas.  See National Geographic News, New Scientist, and MSNBC for details.Update 07/21/2005: The good news may be premature.  [email protected] says that some experts believe the observers were mistaken, and that what were seen were a related species, the pileated woodpecker.  The final verdict is still out, therefore.If a breeding population of a species of bird this large and colorful could escape detection for almost 60 years right in America’s back yard, how can scientists be sure that other large animals are truly extinct?  Remember the video of a mammoth-size elephant found in Thailand a few years ago?  It’s good to have this woodpecker back, but it raises interesting questions about what other assumed-extinct species may just be hiding behind a tree somewhere.  Every once in awhile one shows up alive and well, some thought extinct since the age of dinosaurs: the Wollemi pine, the tuatara, the coelacanth, and others.  Keep your eyes open.  Maybe a brontosaurus will come strolling down Sunset Boulevard.  Sightings of stranger creatures have been reported there.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more