Hitman Absolution gameplay video leaked

first_imgIf you’ve been wondering what the upcoming Hitman sequel Hitman: Absolution will look like, your wish has been granted. Someone, during a closed-door briefing at E3, managed to get their hands on the gameplay footage shown and shared it with a Danish news agency, who promptly posted it to YouTube. It’s difficult to get a feel for the story or what you’re in for when the game is closer to launch, but you do get to see what it’ll look like and some of the mechanics of the gameplay, which works for us.Even though you only see snippets of the gameplay (and some of it is repeated over in slow-motion,) you know ahead of time you’ll ne stealthily sneaking around corridors, ambushing people, using objects in your surroundings as weapons, and use cover to protect yourself, even use someone as a human shield. It’s all good old fashioned Hitman-style fun. Even so, the gameplay trailer does look a bit far from polished, but that could just be the video.AdChoices广告The gameplay footage was supposed to be private, and the highlight from the game from E3 was supposed to be a CGI teaser trailer made to get you excited about Agent 47’s triumphant return. The footage shown is spliced with clips from the other trailers, so it’s not terribly tantalizing, nor does it give away story points or the plot from the game, but it is our first look at actual gameplay, unlike the entirely pre-rendered CGI trailer.Hitman: Absolution is scheduled for a 2012 release for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It’ll be the first Hitman game on the PS3. IO Interactive, working with Square Enix, has said that the game will get deeper into the personal life of the mysterious Agent 47. That’s about all we know about the finer story elements and plot, nothing else has been tipped. Still, enjoy the gameplay video while it lasts: it’s sure to be taken down soon.via 1uplast_img read more