Burglar Blaster will nuke unwanted guests with pepper spray

first_imgMost people are content to protect their homes with a dead bolt or two, or maybe a loud security alarm that goes off if it isn’t disarmed thirty seconds after you enter the house. Those alarms can tend to be problematic if you’re forgetful, filling the air with ear-splitting sound if you don’t manage to disarm them in time, but that isn’t anything compared to the Burglar Blaster: a movement-triggered dispenser of pepper spray which, if triggered and not shut off within 40 seconds, will fill a 2,000 square feet space with choking, burning and searing gas. The Burglar Blaster is battery powered, and will apparently last up to four years on just a pair of AA batteries. Settings include the ability to give anywhere between forty and zero seconds grace time before triggering its researve pepper spray. Once triggered, the Burglar Blaster will start broadcasting a warning tone, reminding you to slot your key in and turn the Blaster off before it napalms you.In addition to just the Burglar Blaster, there’s a 12V trigger that allows you to hook up additional accessories, such as flashing lights, loud alarms and — given the unforgiving nature of this gadget — maybe a giant rolling boulder or an automated totem of whirring buzzsaws.We’re not really sure what kind of consumer the Burglar Blaster is aimed at. Anyone with riches enough to justify this sort of extreme force probably should just hire his own personal security team. We’re guessing this is aimed at more average joes with sadistic streak enough to want to totally cripple anyone who would dare break into their house. If you’re that sadistic, prepare to pay for your fantasy of hospitalizing a home invader: the Burglar Blaster will cost you $600.Read more at Slashgearlast_img read more