Personal Hotspot functionality coming to all iPhones in Marchs iOS 43

first_imgOne obvious advantage Verizon has over AT&T when it comes to the iPhone 4 is that you can tether up to five different devices to the Verizon iPhone’s 3G connection over WiFi, when AT&T only offers one. For road warriors, that’s a big perk to going with Verizon instead of with AT&T: you can drive an entire mobile office with just one Verizon device. Another benefit is that AT&T tethering service only works via Bluetooth or USB, not WiFi.The magic app that is allowing Verizon to offer tethering for up to five devices compared to AT&T’s one is the Personal Hotspot app, and it doesn’t look like that’s a Verizon exclusive. Instead, it is actually a native component of iOS version 4.2.5 (the default OS build Verizon’s iPhones are running). It seems likely, then, that as soon as the Verizon iPhone comes out, Apple will pump an official iOS update for all devices down the pipeline, bringing the Hotspot app to all devices, including iPads, with iOS 4.3…. and, in fact, that’s just what BGR is reporting this morning:According to our source, the personal hotspot feature that debuted on the Verizon iPhone yesterday will, in fact, be making its way to all iPhones in iOS 4.3. We’re sure there will need to be carrier support for this feature, and for AT&T users it is entirely possible we might not see this right away. For those of you with more lenient carriers, however, we are sure you will be pleased to learn that you’ll be able to connect up to five devices over Wi-Fi to the iPhone’s cellular data connection. We are told the OS version will be 8F5148b, the baseband will be 04.08.00, and technical acceptance is planned for March. We have some screenshots to hold you over, though! If you’ve ever wanted to use your iPhone as a WiFi hub for your mobile office, then, but are happy with your service with AT&T, hold tight: you shouldn’t have to wait longer than March.Read more at Boy Genius Reportlast_img read more