“Jovic’s problem is Jovic”

first_imgAfter the hard reproaches, Tumbakovic insisted that the Real Madrid striker is not banned from the national team: “The doors are open for each player, including Luka Jovic. I have been doing this job very professionally for almost three decades, I have never consciously compromised the career of any player, nor will I ever do so. I have led many players to the right path, why couldn’t I do the same with him? “Jovic is not going through his best sporting moment. Noted in Serbia by his coach, in Madrid he is not having the minutes he wanted after his signing last summer from the Eintracht in Frankfurt. The striker has 14 games (11 League, three Champions), but has only started four times. Accumulate only 423 minutes and take a goal. Luka Jovic is not having a quiet start to the year. To his disappointing season with Real Madrid, where he arrived last summer for 60 million euros and has only scored a goal in 423 minutes, he has joined a wave of criticism in his country for his extra-sports life and a public ear jerk of his coach, Ljubisa Tumbakovic. The distance between the two is a fact since the FIFA stop last September. Jovic was summoned with Serbia. In the first game, against Portugal, the coach left him on the bench and entered when there were only three minutes left. For the following game, against Luxembourg, the white striker alleged an injury and was released, but only four days later he played with Madrid against Levante (the final seven minutes). Tumbakovic did not like the Madridista’s attitude and in the last lists he has left him out.This Thursday, the coach gave his version of the case in Blic Sport and did not hide his anger. He pointed out. For Tumbakovic, Jovic’s problem is Jovic himself: “I take care of each player to get the most out of Serbia’s national team. And I have never given up on any. One of those who has moved away from the national team is Luka Jovic And the truth is only one. There is no conflict between Luka Jovic and me. Luka Jovic’s problem is Luka Jovic. Suddenly that player gave up training, he didn’t answer. As a coach, I will always have a player of that class because it would not be professional for me not to think about him. But it is he who has to convince us, the media, the fans, the people of the Federation and me as his coach, that he is prepared and responsible. He has not taken any steps in that regard. “last_img read more