Cunning web scam cons Aussie travellers

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A A sophisticated online scam luring Australian travellers with cheap airfares is likely to fool even the savviest of online customers, said police.Queensland police discovered the airfare scam last week along with a Vietnamese-hosted site selling credit card details, phone numbers, and email and postal addresses of 1,000 Australians, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.The scam sees people sent real tickets from real airlines, purchased from stolen credit cards.As people can call the airlines to confirm their seats and are not asked for immediate payment, the scam is given an air of authenticity, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said.”What is enticing about these websites, and may even serve to alleviate the fear many people have of shopping on these sites, is that payment is not requested until the tickets arrive from the airline,” he said.According to police, it is only when the airlines realise tickets have been purchased with stolen cards and subsequently cancel them that people are left with worthless tickets.”What we see here is unlike anything we’ve seen before,” Mr Hay said. “Two victims from one simple scam – the person’s bank who owns the credit card is now out pocket $2000, as is the person buying the tickets who sent the money after receiving their tickets.”The sites involved include,, and American Express general manager Jacqui Timmins has said the best protection against these types of scams is for consumers to deal only with travel agents licensed in Australia.“[U]nless you’re dealing with an Australian-based, licensed travel agent, you may as well be putting your hard earned cash through the paper shredder,” Ms Timmins said.last_img read more