Soyfoods Association of North America Praises FamilyOwned Soybean Farms That Help Feed

first_imgThe Soyfoods Association of North America celebrated World Food Day on Oct. 16 with a focus on the 500 million family farmers in the world as a solution to end hunger. In a news release this week, the Soy foods Association of North America praised family soy farmers and their efforts towards sustainably feeding the world. According to the release, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates there are currently 803 million hungry people in the world, and the population is only increasing. It is essential to find a sustainable source for high-quality protein and critical nutrients. The answer can be found in the noble soybean, the only plant-based complete protein.For many reasons, soy and soy products can help end the hunger issues being faced by the world. Farmers are able to grow more soy crops with fewer natural resources than any other good source of protein, as soy requires less water, less energy to cultivate and less land. And with new technology and efficiencies, more crops are grown per acre than ever before. Soybeans do not require refrigeration and can safely and effectively be transported in developing nations, where perishable sources of protein may be costly and difficult.This year’s World Food Day theme, “Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth,” recognizes the work farmers are doing as a key component to ending hunger. The 280,000 soybean producers in the United States work every day to be a part of the solution.Click here to visit the Soyfoods Association website for more information.last_img read more