Original Ghost in the Shell Returns to Theaters in February

first_img There’s A New Ghost in the Shell Series ComingMovieBob Reviews: GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017) Stay on target Ghost in the Shell is getting the Hollywood treatment this summer which will no doubt expose the franchise to a whole new audience. To capitalize on this new-found interest in all things Ghost in the Shell, Funimation will be showing the original classic anime in select theaters nationwide next month.The movie will be shown for two days. On February 7 it will be screened in Japanese with English subtitles, while the English dub will be shown on February 8. This is a nice way of giving fans an excuse to see the movie twice and get different experiences out of it. Tickets can be purchased from Funimation’s website where you can punch in your zip code and see which theater closest to you is screening it.Ghost in the Shell is an adaptation of the manga of the same name. It follows the adventures of Major Motoko Kusanagi and her team who are tasked with protecting a futuristic Japan from cybernetic terrorist threats. It has been adapted into several TV series, movies, and even video games. It is one of the most recognizable anime in the world and has influenced a great number of industry professionals, including director James Cameron.If you’re like most folks then you have most likely only ever seen Ghost in the Shell at home on your TV. The original movie is a very cinematic experience so it will be good to see it as it was always meant to be experienced. It will also be a great opportunity for those who are interested in the upcoming Scarlett Johansson-lead live-action film to see where that movie is taking its cues from.It’s not every day that we get to see anime being shown in movie theaters in America. If you can, make sure to go watch Ghost in the Shell next month since it is one of the seminal works in its medium.last_img read more

Cops Raid Suspected Pot House Find Cryptomining Operation Instead

first_img Woman Tries to Buy an Audi With Bills Printed on Inkjet PrinterChild Finds $40,000 Worth of Meth Inside Lego Box Stay on target Over the past several years, thermal imaging cameras have become a trusted tool in the war on drugs. That’s logical enough, right? The combination of aircraft and infrared is a great way to spot grow ops.A house that’s growing weed tends to stand out from its neighbors rather dramatically. Big red blotches raise eyebrows. So do high electricity bills.There are, of course, other things that check both those boxes. Australian police found that out recently when they stormed a suspected grow op and found a massive cryptomining setup.The home, owned by crypto enthusiast Rob Butvila, attracted police attention for a few other reasons. There was the solar array on the roof and security cameras monitoring the yard. There was even an exhaust fan, just like the ones cops often find at an actual grow op.There were also reports of a suspicious person who kept entering the house late at night.Butvila certainly seems to have a simple, believable explanation for each of those. Crypto rigs produce a lot of heat and the fan was simply directing that heat outside. The solar panels were there to offset his utility bills.As for the cameras, Butvila wasn’t living in the home yet. He was renovating it and wanted to be able to keep an eye on things even when he wasn’t around. That character arriving in the dark? You guessed it. It was Butvila dropping by to work on his own house.You can imagine his dismay when he returned to the house after the police had executed their search warrant. They had left the house unlocked. Fence panels, gates, and doors had been removed, and not necessarily with any degree of finesse. Some were simply given the business end of a tactical boot.To make matters worse, Butvila discovered that some of the wiring for his surveillance system had been cut and one of his hard drives was missing. He’s currently trying to get answers from — and some repair bills paid by — the police.More on Geek.com:Bitcoin Bomb Threat Disrupts Businesses in US, CanadaSuspect Remotely Wipes iPhone X While Its Sits in Police EvidenceGuy’s $650 World Series Ticket Stolen By Scammer Through Instagram Photolast_img read more