NRI Bengalis to focus on Tagore songs in prepuja albums

first_imgThe pre-puja season is a time which sees a number of music albums hit the stands every year. This year saw a number of non-resident Bengalis launch their albums, like Soumya Dasgupta’s Bengali album ‘Khusi Noi Awlpey.’ Soumya is the son of legendary Bengali composer, Sudhin Das Gupta.’Khusi Noi Awlpey’ features eight Bengali non-film songs rendered by Raghab Chattopadhyay, Nirmalya Roy, Swagato Dey while lyrics have been penned by Rajib Chakraborty and Soumya Dasgupta. Songs like ‘Khusi Noi Awlpey’ (Raghab Chattopadhyay), Beparoya Hawa (Nirmalya Roy), Jekhane Jemon (Swagato Dey), Roshnai (Raghab Chattopadhyay) are worth a mention. All the songs have been composed by Soumya Dasgupta. The album was released at Kolkata Press Club on UD Series. Paroma, Upal, Raghab Chattopadhyay, Soumya Dasgupta, Nirmalya Roy, Rajib Chakraborty were present at the launch ceremony. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfSoumya started studying music through the instrument of his choice, the guitar, first with his uncle, Parimal Das Gupta and later on with legendary Indian jazz guitarist, Carlton Kitto. The early years were spent in the company of legendary Indian singers including Manna Dey, Arati Mukherjee, Banasree Sen Gupta and instrumental maestros who were regulars in the recording industry. His first recording stint was with his father, in 1979, at the Technicians’ Studio, Kolkata. His first band was a folk rock band, called “Further Away” after he left India in 1990 to work in Oman. There he started a rock band called “Feedback” in 1991which featured Mangalorean and Sri Lankan musicians. He gave up active gigging, concentrating on larger shows in Oman and composing music in his home studio. Between 2003 and 2012, Soumya composed and produced music for a number of plays for the Indian and Bangladeshi diaspora in Oman. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIn 2013, he produced a fusion album with his long time musician friend, tabla player Subrata Bhattacharya. They formed a fusion band, called Crossover, which featured a lot of well known Indian artists. In 2015, Soumya composed, arranged and produced a western instrumental album called “Roots”. In 2016, he produced a Bengali language album, called “Khushi Noi Awlpey” featuring singers Raghab Chatterjee, Nirmalya Roy and Swagato Dey, with sound design by Sayan Ganguly. Soumya has teamed up with prominent Greek – Omani singer, Thanae and started producing songs with an album planned in the near future. The album RANG by Anindya-Shelley was released by eminent Rabindra Sangeet artist Prabuddha Raha at on INRECO, recently. Anindya-Shelley has chosen six of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs which interpret the relationship of love with that of nature, and its varying inspirations in different seasons. It was a cherished dream of the duo to reach out to other-than-Bengali-speaking audiences, with the gems of Tagore’s creations. Shouvik Mazumdar, a composer of contemporary times has translated Gurudev’s songs, with a touch of his simple yet chaste Hindi. Professor Debal Dasgupta from the MS University of Baroda, Gujarat, has enriched the verses with a touch of finesse.Music has been arranged by Rana Sarkar. Songs like ‘Aaj Sawan ghanaghata chaiye re’ (Aji jhoro jhoro mukhoro badoro diney), ‘Sakhi pyar mein na janu’ (Sokhi bhabona kahare boley), ‘O mere chand suhana’ (O amar chander alo), ‘Kab se main ye socha tha’ (Kotobaro bhebechhinu), ‘Udashini jaisey kesuyo ki lat se’ (Udashini beshe bideshini ke se), ‘Pagli hawako aaj de diyahaiman’ (Phagun haway haway) are worth a mention.Anindya and Shelley’s musical journey gained momentum way back in 2011 at Baroda, Gujarat. Anindya has been widely acclaimed for his albums, one of Rabindrasangeet and two others of Hemanta Mukhopadhyay. Shelley’s debut album of Rabindrasangeet has also been appreciated by listeners from all quarters. Moreover, Ratnendra, an artiste from Mumbai with a Bong connection released his debut non-film Bengali album ‘Jani Tumi Asbe’ on INRECO featuring five songs penned by Rajib Chakraborty, music composed by Arbind Dogra recently in city. Ratnendra is a trained singer and one of very promising disciples of legendary artist, Suresh Wadekar.Music is his passion though he does a job in Mumbai. Songs are modern with a high range of variety. The album was released by Surojit Chatterjee, eminent singer, Ashok Bhadra, music composer, Debasish Kumar (MIC) at the Press Club, Kolkata.last_img read more

Give twist to your Airport look

first_imgWhat makes for a perfect airport outfit? It is one that is a perfect amalgamation of style, comfort and practicality. Experts share some pointers that will help you make a fashion statement while you are travelling: Multi-pocketed outfits: To ensure that all the essential items like passport, boarding pass, keys, phone and wallet are carried along, multi-pocketed clothes offer a smart alternative. To keep the necessary stuff handy, you can sport a cargo pant or a jacket with multiple pockets to add to your coolness quotient on the go. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBreathable fabrics: Especially for the long haul flights, breathable fabric like cotton helps maintain the cleanliness and comfort. These materials are lightweight and allow air to circulate keeping the body sweat-free. Cool contemporary tops: To break the airport fashion code, switch to top wear that provides comparative ease and a personal touch. A smart shirt with rolled up sleeves over a plain t-shirt and jeans at bottom will give a fashionable edge to your outfit. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAn added layers: The temperature during takeoff and landing is usually higher while it is significantly lower mid-air. Layering yourself up can help in adapting to the dynamic temperature by providing an option to remove or add a layer accordingly. It also takes care of the climate change at the source and destination. Graphic T-shirts: A breathable T-shirt is exponentially comfortable than the other options you may consider, and going for a graphic T-shirt will up the cool-factor of your look instantly. Comfortable socks: Long flights can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are someone who has a low tolerance for cold. Not everyone is immune to the low cabin pressure, so it is better to keep yourself amped up with necessary layers. The best way to deal with ice block for feet is to wear socks. They are a must have to keep your feet warm on a long flight. Don a pair of comfy socks to let your feet do all the talking. Caps: Want to draw attention to your airport outfit despite keeping it casual? Pair your outfit with a statement-making cap and stand out amongst the crowd. Caps are a cool style trick to amp up your outfit and to help disguise your slept-on hair. T-shirt dresses: T-shirt dresses are perfect for a short flight. Hit that sweet spot between comfy and cool with a bright, funky T-shirt dress and club it with your favourite pair of white sneakers. Hoodies: Don’t want to put in much effort but still want to rock the in-flight fashion? Go for a statement-making hoodie.last_img read more

ggplot2 300 releases

first_imgggplot2 team has announced a new version 3.0.0 with breakthrough changes. This new release brings some revolutionary changes within their library to ease advanced data visualizations and create appealing aesthetics. ggplot2 is an open source library in R which allows you to create visual representations. It follows a process of breaking up the advanced graphs into semantic components such as scales and layers. ggplot2 has grown in use considerably within the R community thus becoming one of the popular R packages used today. Some of the noteworthy changes in the library are: Tidy evaluation ggplot2 now supports tidy evaluation. This allows you to easily build plots in the same way you can programmatically build data manipulation pipelines with dplyr Now you can use quasiquotation in aes(), facet_wrap(), and facet_grid() ggplot2 is now more easily programmable and consistent with the rest of the tidyverse packages New features added to the library It supports all simple features using sf with geom_sf() and coord_sf() It can automatically align CRS across layers, draw a graticule, and can set up the correct aspect ratio New stat() function now offers a cleaner and better-documented syntax for calculated aesthetics variables You can use syntax aes(y = stat(count)), thus replacing the old traditional approach of surrounding the variable name with … (Example – aes(y = ..count..)) A new tag label has been added for identifying plots in addition to title, subtitle and, caption. Layers: geoms, stats, and position adjustments Now you can arrange the horizontal position of plots with variable widths for bars and rectangles in addition to box plots using the new function position_dodge2() There are many other functions and new parameters added to enhanced the layers of the graphics. To know more, you can refer to the GitHub page. Scales and guides Improved support for ordered factors and mapping data/time variables to alpha, size, color, and fill aesthetics, including date_breaks and date_labels arguments Several new functions have been added to make it easy to use Viridis colour scales – scale_colour_viridis_c() and scale_fill_viridis_c() for continuous, and scale_colour_viridis_d() and scale_fill_viridis_d() for discrete To know more about the enhanced support, you can refer the GitHub page. Nonstandard aesthetics Improved support for nonstandard aesthetics. They can now be specified independently of the scale name. There is a huge list of bug fixes and improvements done to the library, if you want to refer to the changes done, you can refer Minor bug fixes and improvements page. You can find the complete list of new updates and changes done to the library along with how to handle common errors and ways to work around them in the breaking changes section of ggplot2 GitHub page. Read next R interface to Python via the Reticulate Package Why choose R for your data mining project 15 Useful Python Libraries to make your Data Science tasks Easierlast_img read more