Group of Moroccans Blame Moroccan Govt for their Joblessness in UAE

Rabat – A number of young Moroccans who were sent by a governmental agency to work in the United Arab Emirates published a video on YouTube expressing their discontent at what they described as the “Moroccan government’s neglect” to their situation.Published on December 24th, the eight-minute long video shows a number of young Moroccans in what appears to be a moving bus telling the story of how they ended up jobless in the oil-rich country and with no money to meet their necessary needs, such as food.One of the young men appearing in the video said that “he was promised along with others better jobs and better life conditions in the United Arab Emirates.” Instead, they ended up with no jobs for six months, eating only rice since they cannot afford buying anything else.Another young Moroccan called on the Moroccan government to refund him, adding that he prefers to go back than staying in the UAE jobless and with no money. read more